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Arrow Scarlet for me, scarlet for you

Jane said her drink had been spiked, before collapsing fatally..
Emotionally, teenagers don’t typically like physical affection from their parents.. Many do, however, like a lot of physical affection from their friends..Expect a lot of tension and conflict with your teenager, because your teenager is separating from you..Some older teenagers will go anywhere—except where their parents are..Some teenagers will give you the silent treatment when they become angry—or if they don’t get their way..Older teenagers typically look physically older than they are..15-year-olds can be mistaken for 21-year-olds, which is why some teenagers find themselves in troubling situations..Most teenagers have trouble waking up in the morning..Part of this is because they stay up later.. But part of it is biological..A lot of teenagers pair off into couples.. Dating becomes more pervasive, and some teens develop intense romantic relationships..The plumage of most kingfishers is bright, with green and blue being the most common colours..Kingfishers occupy a wide range of habitats..

Scarlett "wanted to be more grown up than she actually was," her mother said ..
Vikram Varma is a prominent Indian advocate based in Goa who is originally from New Delhi.. Vikram Varma achieved his prominence in representing highly publicized cases by the news media, mostly involving foreigners, such as the sensational Scarlett Keeling case which captured the imagination of the Indian public.. The Keeling case started when some local authorities tried to cover up the death of a 15-year-old British girl as a drowning accident..Advocate Varma played a pivotal role in the Scarlett Keeling case with the Guardian newspaper describing him as a "dogged local lawyer who helped dismantle the official account.. Amid allegations of cover-up and corruption, Scarlett's Mother and Vikram Varma managed to get the case reopened"..The Russian Consulate has appointed Vikram Varma as their advocate in Goa.. For the last 6 years, as Advocate for Russia in Goa he looks after all the legal requirements of the 100 thousand Russian Tourists who visit Goa every year.. On Dec 4, 2011, the Russian Government used one of Vikram Varma's premises as a polling booth for its national elections.. As this was the first time that voting facilities were provided to Russians in India outside of its Embassy, it was widely reported by the Indian media such as Times of India & DNA..But we ain't the Russians..Political trials are taboo..We've got our secret ways of getting rid of you..Fill you full of LSD..Turn you loose on a freeway..

The Bourne Supremacy - Marie Is Killed (2004)..

Scarlett's bruised and partially clothed body was found on Anjuna beach just after dawn on 18 February 2008..The family had spent two months at the Goan resort before travelling down coast to Karnataka - but Scarlett was allowed to return to attend a Valentine's Day beach party..She was left in the care of 25-year-old Julio Lobo, a tour guide, at a party ''full moon"..who ran boat trips spotting dolphins, crocodiles and elephants, all while living in his aunt’s home...Ms MacKeown said.."That's the last memory I have of her, squealing and being excited because I said yes," Ms MacKeown has recalled.."I have to live with that every day that I let her go."..Two days after Scarlett's body was discovered, her mother found her sandals, pants and shorts close to the beach.."There was no investigation," she has said..Michael Mannion, a British eyewitness who was also present, reported seeing her leave the bar with Sagar, who had agreed to take her home, at around 5am..The Sagar are a Hindu caste found in the state of Gujarat in India..Deutsch Sagar, old German name of the Polish village..

The Indian epic Mahabharata refers to the area now known as Goa as Goparashtra or Govarashtra, which means "a nation of cowherds"..Up to my knees in cowpats..In the 3rd century BC, Goa was part of the Maurya Empire, ruled by the Buddhist emperor, Ashoka of Magadha..In 1312, Goa came under the governance of the Delhi Sultanate..After that dynasty crumbled, the area fell into the hands of the Adil Shahis of Bijapur, who established as their auxiliary capital the city known under the Portuguese as Velha Goa..By the mid-18th century, Portuguese Goa had expanded to most of the present-day state limits..On 19 December 1961, the Indian Army began military operations with Operation Vijay resulting in the annexation of Goa, Daman, and Diu into the Indian union.. On 30 May 1987, the union territory was split, and Goa was made India's 25th state..

The police in Goa initially concluded the teenager died accidentally but, after a campaign by her family, a second post mortem in March 2008 revealed she had been drugged and raped before drowning in seawater..Traces of cocaine, ecstasy and LSD were found in her system..She suffered 50 separate injuries in the attack, the court was told previously..The case was taken up by India's Central Bureau of Investigation and Mr D'Souza and Mr Carvalho were arrested in March 2008..The prosecution alleged that Mr Carvalho and Mr D'Souza, who was working at a beach-side shack near where Scarlett's body was found, had plied her with drugs then attacked her..There are no reliable statistics on how many women have their drinks spiked each year..19-year-old British student Jane Khalaf collapsed and died at Cologne’s St Marien hospital after telling her friends she thought her drink had been spiked..But it took 2 years for the trial to begin, in March 2010..With 72 witnesses to be called, the court case was expected to last a year but prosecutor SR Rivonkar resigned the following February, causing further delays..By December 2013, 30 witnesses had given evidence, with dozens more to go..Along with the delays in court, Ms MacKeown had to wait 4-and-a-half years to bury her daughter..She was finally laid to rest in June 2012, in a garden at the family's home in Devon..

The sacred kingfisher, along with other Pacific kingfishers, was venerated by the Polynesians, who believed it had control over the seas and waves..Watt says in ancient Egypt and Greece the kingfisher bird was used to represent the practice of choosing candidates for initiation into the mysteries that were of the correct attitude to be attracted to the system and could be predictably manipulated and taught, by degrees, into a hierarchical order that included priests, governors, actors, etc..Vikram, a character in Baital Pachisi, identified with Vikram?ditya..The Vikrama Samvat is said to have been founded by the legendary Indian king Vikramaditya..The name of the king means "the Sun of Valour" (vikrama means "valour" and aditya means "sun")..According to the popular tradition, Vikramaditya started the Vikrama Samvat era in 57 BCE, after defeating the Shakas..The Saka were known as the (Sai in Old Sinitic) in ancient Chinese records..These records indicate that they originally inhabited the Ili and Chu River valleys of modern Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan..The Kazakhs are descendants of the Turkic and medieval Mongol tribes ..Varma is also a Finnish name, with the etymology "confident" or "firm"..The Sanskrit word Varmaa is masculine form of the word Varman, meaning "Shield, defensive armour"..In Kerala, Varma was the surname used by members of the Travancore Royal Family and Cochin Royal Family and other royal families..The Green Promise is referred to in the mini-series biopic, The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2003)... start a fight..but always finish it.. I didn't start this fight... but by God, I'm going to finish it..So, what prompted you to send her for psychological evaluation?..Everybody knows women are fragile...

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