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Lightbulb Blavatsky

Supernatural + 'Crossroads Blues' - Promo..
'Jack the Ripper' by Aleister Crowley..

A painting of Blavatsky and her mother, titled "Two Helens..1844–1845..

To acquire a friendly feeling for a system, to render it rapidly familiar, it is prudent to introduce the Star to which the persons of the drama are attached.. It is hardly one's first, or even one's hundredth guess, that the Victorian worthy in the case of Jack the Ripper was no less a person than Helena Petrovna Blavatsky..Born into an aristocratic Russian-German family in Yekaterinoslav, UKraine (12 August (O.S. 31 July] 1831) Blavatsky traveled widely around the Russian Empire as a child..She has, however, never been unveiled to the unthinking multitude; very few, even of those who have followed her and studied her intently for years, have the key to that "Closed Palace of the King"..

The number of murders involved in the ceremonies was 5, whereas the Whitechapel murders so-called, were se7en in number; but 2 of these were spurious, like the alien corpse in Arsenic and Old Lace.. These murders are completely to be distinguished from the 5 genuine ones, by obvious divergence on technical points..The place of each murder is important, for it is essential to describe what is called the averse pentagram, that is to say, a star of 5 points with a single point in the direction of the South Pole.. So much for the theory of Tau Tria Delta..Some years before this conversation, however, Crowley had made extensive statistical enquiries into astrology..In Ancient Egyptian texts, the "Two Ladies" was a religious euphemism for Wadjet and Nekhbet, the deities who were the patrons of the Ancient Egyptians and worshiped by all after the unification of its two parts, Lower Egypt, and Upper Egypt..

There is a small book called A Thousand and One Horoscopes which includes a considerable number of nativities, not only of murderers, but of persons murdered..Crowley thought this an excellent opportunity to trace the evil influence of the planets, looking naturally first of all to Saturn, the great misfortune, then to Mars, the lesser misfortune; but also to Uranus, a planet not known to the ancients, but generally considered of a highly explosive tendency..Saturn, Mars, and Herschel were indeed rightly suspected of doing dirty work at the crossroads, but the one constant factor was a planet which had until that moment been considered, if not actively beneficent, at least perfectly indifferent and harmless - the planet Mercury is, of course, the God of Magick, and his averse distorted image the Ape of Thoth, responsible for such evil trickery as is the heart of black magic, while Saturn is not only the cold heartlessness of age, but the magical equivalent of Saturn.. He is the old god who was worshiped in the Witches' Sabbath... walked the streets, brooding on the bitter irony that all I wanted to do for humanity, for life, would be cheated by darth..unless I could cheat da'at..Is there any more wine?...

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