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Arrow Morgan le Roy

Illustration of Morgan..
Morgan was born in Culpeper, Virginia, in 1774.. His birth date is sometimes given as August 7, but no definite source for this is cited.. He worked as a bricklayer and stone cutter, and later used his savings to open a store in Richmond..Morgan told friends and acquaintances that he had served with distinction as a captain during the War of 1812, and his associates in upstate New York appear to have accepted this claim..Several men named William Morgan appear in the Virginia militia rolls for this period, but none held the rank of captain, and whether Morgan actually served in the war has not been determined with certainty..In October 1819, when he was in his mid 40s, Morgan married 19-year-old Lucinda Pendleton in Richmond, Virginia.. They had 2 children: Lucinda Wesley Morgan and Thomas Jefferson Morgan..2 years after his marriage, Morgan moved his family to York, Upper Canada, where he operated a brewery.. When his business was destroyed in a fire, Morgan was reduced to poverty..He returned with his family to the United States, settling first at Rochester, New York, and later in Batavia, where he again worked as a bricklayer and stonecutter..

From Hell - I Gave Birth to the 20th Century (2001) HD ..

Since all Masons place their hands on a Bible and promise not to reveal the passwords and grips of the degrees, several members of the Batavia lodge published an advertisement denouncing Morgan for breaking his word..An attempt also was allegedly made to set fire to Miller's newspaper office and print shop..A group of local men, some allegedly Freemasons, gathered at Morgan's house claiming that he owed them money.. On September 11, 1826, Morgan was arrested for the alleged nonpayment of a loan and also for stealing a shirt and a tie; according to the law, he could be held in debtors' prison until the amount was paid, which would have made it more difficult to publish his book.. Morgan was jailed in Canandaigua, and when Miller learned of this, he went to the jail to pay the debt and secure Morgan's release.. Miller and Morgan then walked to a waiting carriage, which arrived the next day at Fort Niagara..There are conflicting accounts of what happened next.. The most common story is that Morgan was taken in a boat to the middle of the Niagara River and thrown overboard, where he presumably drowned, since he was never seen again in the community..In October 1827, a badly decomposed body washed up on the shores of Lake Ontario..Many presumed it to be Morgan, and the body were buried as his.. However, the wife of a missing Canadian named Timothy Monroe (or Munro) positively identified the clothing that had been worn by her husband..One group of Freemasons denied that Morgan was killed, saying they had paid him $500 to leave the country..Soon after Morgan disappeared, Miller published Morgan's book, which became a bestseller because of the notoriety of the events surrounding his disappearance..

The assassination of William Morgan, engraved by artist Pierre Méjanel..

On September 13, 1882, the National Christian Association, a group opposed to secret societies, commissioned and erected a statue in memoriam to Morgan in the Batavia Cemetery.. The ceremony was witnessed by 1,000 people, including representatives from local Masonic lodges..The Cemetery opened in 1823 and contains over 8,000 graves..The cemetery is located on the east side of Harvester, a block south of East Main Street (New York state routes 5 and 33).. In 1825 Morgan received the Royal Arch degree at Le Roy's Western Star Chapter #33..Le Roy included Mustarine, a patent mustard-plaster compound, and Rough On Rats, a rodent poison.. Earliest businesses in the village are the Bank of LeRoy (founded 1834, now Bank of America) and the Gazette-News newspaper (defunct 1993).. Le Roy is the birthplace of Jell-O..Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis (August 7, 1813 – August 24, 1876) was an American abolitionist, suffragist, and educator..The family moved to the frontier near Niagara Falls in 1817..In 1846 she gave lectures on anatomy and physiology to women only..In 1850 she started to focus her energies..In Batavia there are many other obelisks..A former bank building was moved from Ebenezer, near Buffalo, to serve as the maintenance shed..Decedents of note buried at Batavia include se7en members of the U.S. House of Representatives..The original 88 plots were laid out in a grid, with the feet of the dead intended to face east, toward the rising sun... a dress like that, you've got to start laying plans when you're about 13..I'm a 20th century Woman..I have a career and a mind of my own..Too bad, they can't play it for you now, Rose...

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