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Lightbulb Jupiter V Culture X

Voyager 1 color image of Amalthea..
Professor Forster is a distinguished scientist on an expedition with the spacecraft Arnold Toynbee..He determines that the innermost satellite of Jupiter, Jupiter V, is a parked spacecraft from "Culture X", an ancient race of reptiles from outside the Solar System..Culture X coexisted with Insectoid Martians, and settled the smaller rocky planets and moons throughout the Solar System apart from the Moon of the Earth..

Jupiter Five..

The novel explains that HAL is unable to resolve a conflict between his general mission to relay information accurately, and orders specific to the mission requiring that he withhold from Bowman and Poole the true purpose of the mission..Mission Control did not want the crew of Discovery to have their thinking compromised by the knowledge that alien contact was already real)..In the novel, the orders to disconnect HAL come from Dave and Frank's superiors on Earth..Amalthea is the 3rd moon of Jupiter in order of distance from the planet.. It was discovered on 9 September 1892, by Edward Emerson Barnard and named after Amalthea, a nymph in Greek mythology.. It is also known as Jupiter V..X nerve agent is the Best-known of the V-series of nerve agents and is far more powerful than sarin, another well known nerve agent toxin, but works in a similar way..

2001: A Space Odyssey #3 Movie CLIP - Hal 9000..

Amaltheia was placed amongst the stars as the constellation Capra—the group of stars surrounding Capella on the arm (ôlenê) of Auriga the Charioteer".. Capra simply means "she-goat" and the star-name Capella is the "little goat", but some modern readers confuse her with the male sea-goat of the Zodiac, Capricorn, who bears no relation to Amalthea, no connection in a Greek or Latin literary source nor any ritual or inscription to join the two..Amalthea's skin, or that of her goat, taken by Zeus in honor of her when she died, became the protective Aegis in some traditions..Chronos was imagined as an incorporeal god.. Serpentine in form, with 3 heads—that of a man, a bull, and a lion...Galileo made its final satellite fly-by at a distance of approximately 244 km (152 mi) from Amalthea's center (at a height of about 160–170 km) on 5 November 2002, permitting the moon's mass to be accurately determined, while changing Galileo's trajectory so that it would plunge into Jupiter in September 2003 at the end of its mission... Reptilian soul..interests you?..For example, do you believe the body can exist without the SOul?..You've been infected by human emotion..Is that why you didn't identify yourself to me at the Vatican?..All this time you've been studying human EMOtions and the soul..I demand that you tell me everything you've discovered...

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