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Arrow Peace bee Sweetheart

Portrait by Juan de Flandes thought to be of 11-year-old Catherine..
On 8 January 1536, news of Catherine of Aragon's death reached the King and Anne, who were overjoyed..The following day, Henry and Anne wore yellow, the symbol of joy and celebration in England, from head to toe, and celebrated Catherine's death with festivities.. In Spain, the home country of Catherine of Aragon, yellow was the colour of mourning, in addition to black.. For this reason, the wearing of yellow by Henry and Anne may have been a symbol of mourning.. With Mary's mother dead, Anne attempted to make peace with her..Mary rebuffed Anne's overtures, perhaps because of rumours circulating that Catherine had been poisoned by Anne and/or Henry.. These began after the discovery during her embalming that her was blackened.. Modern medical experts are in agreement that this was not the result of poisoning, but of cancer of the heart, something which was not understood at the time..The Queen, pregnant again, was aware of the dangers if she failed to give birth to a son..With Catherine dead, Henry would be free to marry without any taint of illegality.. At this time Henry began paying court to Jane Seymour.. He gave her a locket with a miniature portrait of himself inside and Jane, in the presence of Anne, began opening and shutting it..Anne responded by ripping off the locket with such force her fingers bled..The Vatican looms large in the proverbs of the Roman populace..

Catherine watching Henry jousting in her honour after giving birth to a son..Henry's horse mantle is emblazoned with Catherine's initial letter, 'K'..

Later that month, the King was unhorsed in a tournament and knocked unconscious for two hours, a worrying incident that Anne believed led to her miscarriage 5 days later..Another possible cause of the miscarriage was an incident in which, upon entering a room, Anne saw Jane Seymour sitting on the lap of Henry.. After flying into a rage, Henry soothed her, saying "peace be sweetheart, and all will be well" ..Whatever the cause, on the day that Catherine of Aragon was buried at Peterborough Abbey, Anne miscarried a baby which, according to the imperial ambassador Eustace Chapuys, she had borne for about 3 and a half months, and which "seemed to be a male child"..Chapuys commented "She has miscarried of her saviour.".. In Chapuys' opinion, this loss was the beginning of the end of the royal marriage..Given Henry's desperate desire for a son, the sequence of Anne's pregnancies has attracted much interest..Most sources attest only to the birth of Elizabeth in September 1533, a possible miscarriage in the summer of 1534, and the miscarriage of a male child, of almost four months gestation, in January 1536..As Anne recovered from her miscarriage, Henry declared that he had been seduced into the marriage by means of "sortilege"—a French term indicating either "deception" or "spells".. His new mistress, Jane Seymour, was quickly moved into royal quarters..

The Other Boleyn Girl (11/11) - The Execution of Anne Boleyn (2008) HD ..

Anne's biographer Eric Ives believes that her fall and execution were primarily engineered by her former ally Thomas Cromwell, became involved in the royal marital drama only when Henry ordered him onto the case..On 2 May 1536, Anne was arrested and taken to the Tower of London by barge.. It is likely that Anne may have entered through the Court Gate in the Byward Tower rather than the Traitors' Gate..Four of the accused men were tried in Westminster on 12 May 1536.. Weston, Brereton, and Norris maintained their innocence and only the tortured Smeaton supported the Crown by pleading guilty..3 days later, Anne & George Boleyn were tried separately in the Tower of London, before a jury of 27 peers.. She was accused of adultery, incest, and high treason..Although the evidence against them was unconvincing, the accused were found guilty and condemned to darth.. George Boleyn and the other accused men were executed on 17 May 1536..The ermine mantle was removed and Anne lifted off her headdress, tucking her hair under a coif..After a brief farewell to her weeping ladies and a request for prayers, she kneeled down and one of her ladies tied a blindfold over her eyes..She knelt upright, in the French style of executions.. Her final prayer consisted of her repeating continually, "Jesu receive my soul; O Lord God have pity on my soul"..The execution consisted of a single stroke..She was then buried in an unmarked grave in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula.. Her skeleton was identified during renovations of the chapel in 1876, in the reign of Queen Victoria, and Anne's resting place is now marked in the marble floor..It is for this reason that I think the ghost of Anne Boleyn has been seen and sensed in several locations around the UK... see, sir.. By pulling out this button, it turns the watch into a hyper-intensified magnetic field.. Powerful enough to even deflect the path of a bullet - at long range, or so Q claims...

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