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Arrow Jane's Mines & Mine Clearance

The T-93 is an Egyptian scatterable ant i-tank mine similar in appearance to the German AT-2 scatterable mine.. It can be dispensed from launchers deployed on the ground or mounted on vehicles which can hold as many as 600 mines..The mine is triggered by a magnetic fuze when an appropriate target is detected, detonating the Misznay Schardin effect warhead, which produces a self-forging fragment capable of penetrating up to 80 millimeters of armor..

T-93 mine Top #5 Facts ..

The AT2 mine is a scatterable auntie-tank mine developed by Dynamit Nobel.. It can be scattered from artillery rockets or from mine laying systems, and is currently in service with the British, German and Norwegian armies..Dynamit Nobel AG is a German chemical and weapons company whose headquarters is in Troisdorf.. It was founded in 1865 by Alfred Nobel..The M93 Hornet mine is an American anti-tank mine, it is a wide-area mine, capable of attacking targets up to 100 meters away from its position... I can hear, I me mine I me mine, I me mine..Even those tears, I me mine..I me mine, I me mine..No-one's frightened of playing it..Everyone's saying it..Try and open your mind, my friend...
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