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Lightbulb 44th Patri Arch

Born 11 September 1914..

Pavle (English: Paul; – 15 November 2009) was the 44th Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the spiritual leader of Eastern Orthodox Serbs, from 1990 to his death..His full title was His Holiness the Archbishop of Pe, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci, and Serbian Patriarch Pavle..In 1997 Pavle took part in the massive anti-government protests in Belgrade.. On 27 January (St Sava Day) he led the protesters to break the police cordon in Kolar?eva street..After the launch of NATO deployment into Kosovo and Pristina in June 1999, Norwegian special force soldiers escorted Pavle from Pristina to the Monastery of the Patriarchate of Pe in Pe..The patriarch and the Norwegian soldiers were attacked several times on their way..Pavle was referred to by some as the "walking saint" based on his simple lifestyle and personal humility.. All of the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church had cars, which they used to travel through their dioceses, except Pavle..When asked why he'd never owned a car, he replied..

Identification Symbol..

The Military Medical Academy celebrates the March 2, 1844 as its founding date.. On that day Prince Alexander Karaorevi signed a decree establishing the first Central Military Hospital on the foundations of the military hospital in Belgrade..The Karaorevi is a Serbian dynastic family, founded by Karaore Petrovi, the Veliki Vožd ("Grand Leader") of Serbia in the early 1800s during the First Serbian Uprising.. The relatively short-lived dynasty had an ongoing blood feud with the Obrenovi dynasty after Karaore's assassination in 1817, which was authorized by Miloš Obrenovi..During his rule, he was the richest man in Serbia and one of the richest in the Balkans..After the rebellion collapsed, Miloš was among the few of its leaders that remained in Serbia to face the vengeful returning Ottoman Turks..

British Prince Charles visits Orthodox Patriarchate of Belgrade ..

A Metropolitanate of Serbia was established in Belgrade as an autonomous unit of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.. Russia's status as the guarantor of Serbia's autonomy was also recognized..The Military Medical Academy bears many decorations, awards, recognitions and letters of thanks..The Order of St. Sava was a decoration of the Kingdom of Serbia established by Milan I on 23 January 1883..Medal of Nikola Tesla, first order.. "22nd December" prize for architecture of the hospital complex..As of 2007 the Military Medical Academy is functionally integrated into the National Health System... strong man has no need of power, and a weak man is destroyed by it..And now you are asking for classified information..How can you expect us to help you make a revolution?..

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