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Portrait by Édouard Dubufe, c. 1835. Charles..
Valentin Alkan ( 30 November 1813 – 29 March 1888) was a French-Jewish composer and virtuoso pianist..At the height of his fame in the 1830s and 1840s he was, alongside his friends and colleagues Frédéric Chopin and Franz Liszt, among the leading pianists in Paris, a city in which he spent virtually his entire life..Alkan earned many awards at the Conservatoire de Paris, which he entered before he was six..Alkan Morhange was descended from a long-established Jewish Ashkenazic community in the region of Metz..Throughout the early years of the July Monarchy, Alkan continued to teach and play at public concerts and in eminent social circles..

Metz Coat of arms..

For many years it was believed that Alkan met his death when a bookcase toppled over and fell on him as he reached for a volume of the Talmud from a high shelf.. This tale, which was circulated by the pianist Isidor Philipp, is dismissed by Hugh Macdonald, who reports the discovery of a contemporary letter by one of his pupils explaining that Alkan had been found prostrate in his kitchen, under a porte-parapluie (a heavy coat/umbrella rack), after his concierge heard his moaning.. He had possibly fainted, bringing it down on himself while grabbing out for support.. He was reportedly carried to his bedroom and died later that evening.. The story of the bookcase may have its roots in a legend told of Aryeh Leib ben Asher, rabbi of Metz, the town from which Alkan's family originated..The Balkan Peninsula, or the Balkans, is a peninsula and a cultural area in Southeast Europe with different and disputed borders... was pissing by the door, when I heard two shats..You are holding in your hand a smoking goon; you are clearly the guilty potty..There is obviously no piss for the wicked...

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