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Arrow Volcano Watch

If a Tinker were my Trade..

Under the Volcano - Reynal & Hitchcock...

On 30 January 1948, a BSAA Avro Tudor IV plane disappeared without trace..

1948 - Sir Arthur Coningham (53), retired RAF Air Marshal, disappeared when Avro Tudor IV G-AHNP Star Tiger went missing over the western Atlantic..He was one of 25 passengers, together with six crewmen, who were lost when the flight from Santa Maria Airport in the Azores failed to reach its destination of Kindley Field, Bermuda.. Star Tiger's sister aircraft G-AGRE Star Ariel also disappeared over the western Atlantic, with the loss of all se7en crewmen and 13 passengers, while flying from Bermuda to Kingston Airport, Jamaica, the following year, helping to develop the Bermuda Triangle legend..

Avro Tudor Mk.IVB Super Trader similar to the aircraft that disappeared..

Virginia Carpenter (21), was last seen talking to the occupants of a car parked in front of her dorm at the Texas State College for Women in Denton on 1 June 1948.. Many sightings were reported in the days afterwards, but she was never found nor has any evidence of her fate come to light..Speculation of Carpenter's disappearance was that The Phantom of Texarkana had gotten her since she knew three of the victims.. The girl's mother convinced herself that Virginia was a victim of amnesia - Joseph Matthew Andrew is a British academic whose main research interests are Russian literature, feminist approaches to literature, and women writers - Israel & Arabs agree to a cease fire/June 3 – "Sleepy Hollow" opens at St James Theater NYC for 12 perfs - Ziolkowski begins sculpture of Crazy Horse near Mt Rushmore -Palomar Observatory telescope is finished in California...'re not in the moralising business, colonel..They wanted to kill him once..They're bound to try again..Hmm.. Well, in the line of duty we stumbled on to a triangle...

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