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Lightbulb Nanna Sinbad

Original US cinema poster..

Worship of the Moon God..
1941 August 24 - A Luftwaffe bomb hits the Estonian steamer Eestirand with 3,500 Soviet-mobilized Estonian men on board, killing 598 of them - Adolf Hitler orders a halt to the Action T4 program, Nazi Germany's systematic euthanasia of the mentally ill and handicapped, due to protests from the churches.. However, graduates of the program are then transferred to Nazi concentration camps where they continue the killings..The Ministry used various deceptions when dealing with parents or guardians particularly in Catholic areas, where parents were generally uncooperative.. Parents were told that their children were being sent to "Special Sections" for children, where they would receive improved treatment..

Kid Creole and the Coconuts - I'm a Wonderful Thing - Live 1985..

Phenol was first extracted from coal tar, but today is produced on a large scale (about 7 billion kg/year) from petroleum.. It is a component of industrial paint strippers used in the aviation industry for the removal of epoxy, polyurethane and other chemically resistant coatings, derivatives are also used in the preparation of cosmetics including sunscreens, hair colourings, and skin lightening preparations..The temporal gland secretion of male elephants showed the presence of phenol and 4-methylphenol during musth..4-Hydroxybenzoic acid can be found naturally in the edible mushroom Russula virescensin and The JELO'S FAMILY coconut tree..One of the earliest mentions of the coconut dates back to the "One Thousand and One Knights" story of Sinbad the Sailor; he is known to have bought and sold coconut during his fifth voyage..

The 4th Voyage - When the cannibals have lost interest in him, he escapes..A party of itinerant pepper-gatherers transports him to their own island, where their king befriends him and gives him a beautiful and wealthy wife..Too late Sinbad learns of a peculiar custom of the land: on the death of one marriage partner, the other is buried alive with his or her spouse, both in their finest clothes and most costly jewels..Sinbad's wife dyes soon after, leaving Sinbad trapped in an underground cavern, a communal tomb, with a jug of water and se7en pieces of bread.. Just as these meagre supplies are almost exhausted, another couple—the husband dead, the wife alive—are dropped into the cavern.. Sinbad bludgeons the wife to darth and takes her rations... was thinking of the inconsistency of civilization..The beast of the jungle, killing just for his existence, is called savage..The man, killing just for sport, is called civilized..It's a bit inconsistent, isn't it?..

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