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Derry's coat of arms..

Moonstone (Episode 8)..
Local girl Callie is upset at the treatment of one of the horses while at the Circus..Appealing to the Colonel, she tries to get help, but to no avail.. Undeterred, she steals the horse and with the help of Steve, hides it away.. As the Police investigate, the horse is discovered, but by then the Colonel has agreed to buy the horse from the Circus..Country of origin UK/West Germany-Number of Series 3-Released 16 August 1971..

German U-boats at their mooring at Lisahally..

August 14- France performs nuclear test-British troops are stationed on the Ireland border to stop arms smuggling-Bahrain declares independence as the State of Bahrain– The Who release Who's Next-Cards Bob Gibson, 35, no-hits Pirates, 11-0-British begin internment without trial in Northern Ireland/15-Paul Lukas (May 26, 1891) was a Hungarian-born American actor who won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in Watch on the Rhine (1943).Jackie Stewart becomes Formula One World Drivers' Champion in the Tyrrell 003-Cosworth-The number of British troops in Northern Ireland is raised to 12,500 -Charles Lismont wins Helsinki marathon- President Nixon announces that the US will no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value, effectively ending the Bretton Woods system-Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Len Immke Buick Golf Open-Albrecht Ernst Rudolf Goetze (January 11, 1897) was a German-American Hittitologist-Harvey Smith was stripped of his victory in the British Show Jumping Derby by judges for making a V sign\16-Over 8,000 workers go on strike in Derry, Northern Ireland, in protest at the introduction of Internment/17-Anthony Kearns (born, Kiltealy, County Wexford, Ireland) is an internationally acclaimed tenor, record producer, and a member of The Irish Tenors-Posada (baseball catcher) was born in the Santurce district of San Juan, Puerto Rico to a Cuban father and a Dominican mother-Horace McMahon (May 17, 1906) was an American actor\18- Australia and New Zealand decide to withdraw their troops from Vietnam - British troops are engaged in a firefight with the IRA in Derry, Northern Ireland...The name Derry is an anglicisation of the Irish name Daire or Doire meaning "oak grove"..

Dora Mae Ghost ( Carnivàle S1E06 - Pick a number)..

A long-term foreign employer in the area is Du Pont, which has been based at Maydown since 1958, its first European production facility..Originally Neoprene was manufactured at Maydown and subsequently followed by Hypalon..More recently Lycra and Kevlar production units were active..DuPont was founded in 1802 by Éleuthère Irénée du Pont, using capital raised in France and gunpowder machinery imported from France..Kevlar is a well-known component of personal armour such as combat helmets, ballistic face masks, and ballistic vests.. Even Nimitz-class aircraft carriers include Kevlar armor around vital spaces..A thin Kevlar window has been used by the NA48 experiment at CERN..The biographies of the du Pont family usually begin with the marriage of Samuel du Pont to Anne Alexandrine Montechanin in 1737 in Paris, France..Although Anne was A Huguenot, she was a medium with the spirit world... knowledge is without measure and we build the weapons that will destroy us..We have to live without sympathy, don't we?..Each of us has only a quantum of compassion..That if we lavish our concern on every stray cat, we never get to the centre of things..You know what they say, once a doctor always a doctor..This is what you get for making house calls..Quite a party..Don't get the wrong idea..What?.That you've been entertaining a woman in your caravan dressed like that?..

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