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Lightbulb Three Days of the Condor

Theatrical release poster..
Joe Turner is a CIA analyst, code name "Condor".. He works in a clandestine office in New York City, which fronts as the "American Literary Historical Society"..Turner's task is to read books, newspapers, and magazines from around the world, looking for hidden meanings and new ideas.. As part of his duties, Turner files a report to CIA headquarters on a low-quality thriller novel his office has been reading, pointing out strange plot elements therein, and the unusual assortment of languages into which the book has been translated..Release dates September 24, 1975 (USA)..

A Dangerous Package

September 24-The crash of Garuda Indonesia Flight 150 in Indonesia -The crash killed 25 people on board and 1 person on the ground..36 passengers survived the crash and were taken to a local hospital-Dougal Haston and Doug Scott on the 1975 British Mount Everest Southwest Face expedition became the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest by any of its faces and the first Britons to reach the summit by any route-Oliver Sipple, the disabled former U.S. Marine who had helped save President Ford from assassination, was "outed" by San Francisco Chronicle gossip columnist Herb Caen, who received information from gay activist Harvey Milk that Sipple was homosexual.. Without specifically calling Sipple gay, Caen wrote that Sipple "was the center of midnight attention at the Red Lantern, a Golden Gate Ave. bar he favors", and that Rev. Ray Broshears, head of the Helping Hands center and Gay Politico Harvey Milk, who claim to be among Sipple's close friends, describe themselves as "proud- maybe this will help break the stereotype." Sipple's Midwestern family, who were unaware of his sexual orientation, would disown him. Sipple would later commit suicide-Died: Earle Cabell, 68, former Mayor of Dallas 1961-64, U.S. Congressman 1965–73-The short-lived civil war in Portuguese East Timor ended as Fretilin drove back the UDT across the border into Indonesia and the province of West Timor-Dr. Andreas Gruentzig of West Germany made the first successful test of the technique of coronary angioplasty, in experiments on dogs.. The first human angioplasty would take place almost a year later, on September 16, 1976..

The story of Garuda's birth and deeds is told in the first book of the great epic Mahabharata.. According to the epic, when Garuda first burst forth from his egg, he appeared as a raging inferno equal to the cosmic conflagration that consumes the world at the end of every age.. Frightened, the gods begged him for mercy.. Garuda, hearing their plea, reduced himself in size and energy..Throughout the Mahabharata, Garuda is invoked as a symbol of impetuous violent force, of speed, and of martial prowess.. Powerful warriors advancing rapidly on doomed foes are likened to Garuda swooping down on a serpent..The Condor Legion was a unit composed of soldiers from the Nazi German Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht which served with the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War of July 1936 to March 1939..The Condor Legion, upon establishment, consisted of the Kampfgruppe 88, with 3 squadrons of Ju 52 bombers and the Jagdgruppe 88 with 3 squadrons of Heinkel He 51 fighters, the reconnaissance Aufklärungsgruppe 88, an anti-aircraft group, the Flakbteilung 88, and a signals group, the Nachrichtenabteilung 88..Condors are part of the family Cathartidae, whereas the 15 species of Old World vultures are in the family Accipitridae, that also includes ospreys, hawks, and eagles..The New World and Old World vultures evolved from different ancestors... said you escaped..I knew you wouldn't leave without me..I was waiting for you..The best thing we can do is go on with our daily routine..Now I think I'm going to be a waiter in Gibraltar...

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