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Lightbulb VIII Dynastie

Great Pyramid Really 8 sided ..
A fact not so well known, is the unusual feature of the Great Pyramid is a concavity of the core that makes the monument an 8-sided figure, rather than 4-sided like every other Egyptian pyramid..That is to say, that its four sides are hollowed in or indented along their central lines, from base to peak.. This concavity divides each of the apparent four sides in half, creating a very special and unusual eight-sided pyramid; and it is executed to such an extraordinary degree of precision as to enter the realm of the uncanny.. For, viewed from any ground position or distance, this concavity is quite invisible to the naked eye.. The hollowing-in can be noticed only from the air, and only on the equinoxes..The Commando Order was issued by Adolf Hitler on 18 October 1942..Troop – 8 (Mobility)..Come, high or low spirits..Show yourself and what you do..The canopic jars were 4 in number..

After meeting with the witches in their lair, Macbeth drinks of their potion and sees a vision of things to come..

He knows thy thought..Hear his speech but say thou nought..The Antichrist is the 8th king in the Book of Revelation..A cube has 8 vertices..In IsLam, 8 is the number of angels carrying the throne of Allah in heaven..The spin group Spin(8) is the unique such group that exhibits the phenomenon of triality..If I had 3 ears I’d listen with all 3..In particle physics, the eightfold way is used to classify sub-atomic particles..The atomic number of oxygen.."#8" is the stagename of Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor..In astrology, Scorpio is the 8th astrological sign of the Zodiac.."Eight Days a Week" is a #1 single for the music group The Beatles..In Mahayana Buddhism, the branches of the Eightfold Path are embodied by the 8 Great Bodhisattvas..The entity containing Ra is depicted either as an egg or as a lotus bud..The 8 deities were arranged in 4 male-female pairs..

The Giza Necropolis, a photograph by Eduard Spelterini, November 21, 1904..

Macbeth also asks if Banquo's sons will ever reign in Scotland: the witches conjure a procession of 8 crowned kings, all similar in appearance to Banquo, and the last carrying a mirror that reflects even more kings.. Macbeth realises that these are all Banquo's descendants having acquired kingship in numerous countries..In Egyptian mythology, the Ogdoad (Greek "ογδοάς", the eightfold) were 8 primordial deities worshipped in Hermopolis during what is called the Old Kingdom, the third through sixth dynasties, dated between 2686 to 2134 BC..Domestically, Henry is known for his radical changes to the English Constitution, ushering in the theory of the divine right of kings to England..The power of the pharaohs of the 7th/8th Dynasties was waning while that of the provincial governors, known as nomarchs, was on the rise.. Bah! Anyway, I didn't come here to discuss Shakespeare..The 8th Arrondissement of Paris is 1 of the 20 arrondissements of the capital city of France..If you want me, you know where I am... are always a thousand years behind the times..The Earl of Oxford was a very bright Elizabethan light, but this book will tell you he was a good deal more than that...

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