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It seems Hichem Ben Abdallah gave another interview to Sky which LBC faithfully mirrored on its site

"Hichem Ben Abdallah, I believe you saw what happened"
"Kate,How are you all right?"
[i]"I, can you tell, yes, we're OK obviously but we're very worried about what's happened to Jo Cox. What did you see?"[i]
"Well, I I saw er people rushing down the road, er towards the library, er I came out with a couple of people of the, from restaurant, towards to see what was happening. And we saw, er a man with, wearing like a dirty white baseball cap with grey, er I don't know a small jacket or something, er short jacket and start jostling with somebody. I couldn't see, Kate, I could see somebody er which he, er he's the owner of erm a dry cleaner shop, er a bearded guy He was a hero of the scene, He absolutely jostled with him and everything.. All of a sudden this guy pulled a gun, the baseball guy er er the guy who's wearing the baseball cap pulled the gun and tried to sort of like er er cock it up. He looks like a gun from, I don't know, First World War or erm erm makeshift gun, hand made gun it's not like the sort of usual gun you see normally. Erm he fired the first shot then, you know, I ran away you kno wfrom it, as everybody did, er inside, all of a sudden we heard the second shot. So obviously we remained in the restaurant for a couple of minutes and then we decided to venture out and see what has happened and then we went on the scene, all I can see is like at first I didn't recognise her that she was Jo. A lady ways on the floor, her face bleeding, her hair roughed up as if she's been pulled off her hair [sic] and erm she was sort of like er er her legs was in a triangular way as if it was somebody when sort of like on a bed when its, its legs in a triangular way er pyramidic way. Er so
she was like that, leaning a little bit on the one the left side with her hair tilted at the back. Her head, sorry, tilted at the back Er everybody was, the hysteria can't erm describe, everybody was crying. The women erm, I mean I'm absolutely shocked, absolutely shocked to be quite honest, you know, because er I know Jo very well you know and erm we did the campaign you know for Labour council er you know last month and absolutely it's devastating, devastaing

"What position would; you say was she in, Hichem, where was she shot?
"She was shot between two cars you know on the, near the pavement you know on the road"
"And whereabout was she, whereabout did the bullets enter her, would you say Hichem ?"
"No but no, I don't know I don't know ,I really can't tell you"
"Was she still conscious when you saw her?"
"The paramedics. "Er, I presume she is because she hasn't. - she's leaning on her hand, I presume she was still injured at that time. Er she looked as though she's still breathing. And yea, she's yea ,she's still alive, I presume still alive, yes."
"Yes, we believe that she is still alive although it has been described as her condition as as serious. I just wondered if maybe you could tell us anything more, Hichem, about the person that looked to have carried out this, this attack."
"Well, the person, the person he looks like he's, er prrrrpp, in his 60s perhaps maybe 65, 70, something like that. Errrrr I think er, Jo, she probably I presume, she had surgery at the library and erm erm this guy probably had you know a feud with her or something and tried to sort of like retaliate like he did er very er terroristic way, erm.."
"And what happened to this man, do you know"?
"This man actually you know walked off err very very coolly, very slowly towards Tesco, down the steps and disappeared."
"How long...?"
"and no one dares, No-one dares, sort of like stop him and that's what I have been told
"And how long did it take the emergency services to get there?"
"The emergency there, well, probably fifteen minutes, you know ten, fifteen minutes, like that."
"Talk to.."
"The helicopter you know hovering overhead, and the police came straight away, almost straight away. Er, yea, just a normal provide in the rush hour, one o'clock, that's when the incident happened, one o'clock, one o'clock, five past one, between one and five past one. "
"Erm, OK er it thanks very much indeed Hichem for for updating us, we really do appreciate you taking the time, thanks very much indeed."
"You're welcome"
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