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Arrow The Reptile

Film poster by Tom Chantrell..
At the turn of the 20th century in the village of Clagmoor Heath in Cornwall several locals are dying from what is deemed to be the "Black Darth".. Harry Spalding inherits his late brother’s cottage and arrives with his new bride, Valerie..The inhabitants of the village keep clear of the newly arrived couple, and only the publican, Tom Bailey (Michael Ripper), befriends them.. Bailey explains that the hostility exhibited by the townspeople is the result of many mysterious da'at in the community..The sinister Dr. Franklyn , the owner of the nearby Well House, is the only resident in the vicinity of the cottage, and he lives with his daughter Anna.. The Doctor treats his daughter with cruel contempt, and she is attended by a silent Malay servant..Due to their short cochlea, reptiles use electrical tuning to expand their range of audible frequencies..Release dates 6 March 1966..

The Reptile /Play us some music Anna! ..

March 6 Born: Alan Davies, has played the title role in the BBC mystery drama series Jonathan Creek, and has been a panellist on the BBC panel show QI-When Davies was 6, his mother died from leukaemia and he was raised by his father-Maurice Ashley is a Jamaican American chess grandmaster, author, commentator, app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker-Makarand Deshpande, Indian actor, in Mumbai/The Revolutionary Party won a surprise majority (28 of 54 seats) in the Congress of Guatemala\The Austrian People's Party (Österreichische Volkspartei), led by Chancellor Josef Klaus, gained 4 seats in elections, gaining a majority with 85 of the 165 positions in the Nationalrat/Operation Masher came to an end in Vietnam after 6 weeks, with 288 American soldiers killed in action, 46 died in an airplane crash, and a reported 2,150 or more of the North Vietnamese insurgents\Police in Japan responded to the se7en-week long "student strike" at Waseda University by occupying the campus and barring students from entering, effectively closing the prominent university until the dispute was settled on June 22/Darth-Tozuka was a native of the former Sendagaya Village in Tokyo, now part of Shibuya-He served his midshipman tour on the armored cruiser Asama on its circumpacific voyage to Honolulu, San Francisco, Acapulco and Panama-He also served as honorary professor at Senshu University..., gentlemen, is the whirlingest dervish of them all..Big Ben Distilleries, you know..Holy costumed party!.I thought you were supposed to be in Paris..Yeah, but who cares now..or even remembers?..

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