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The original European Union (Europäische Union) was an antifascist resistance group during Germany's Nazi era, which formed around Anneliese and Georg Groscurth and Robert Havemann.. Other important members were Herbert Richter and Paul Rentsch..Three of the four core members of the EU had direct contact with high-level Nazis.. When war broke out, both Havemann and Groscurth tried to extend their work in such a way that they wouldn't be called upon to serve in the military.. They took on projects from the Heereswaffenamt, biochemical research that was to put Germany in position to use chemical weapons, but neither they nor other scientists were terribly ambitious about the nominal goal.. The architect, Richter, received contracts from the Reichshandwerkskammer and got to know and win the trust of Hermann Göring.. He was already interested in the Communist Party and the information he learned from his personal contact with Göring filled him with hate for the Nazis and only pushed him further toward the idea of resistance.. Groscurth, a doctor, had both Rudolph Hess and Wilhelm Keppler as his patients..The European Union (EU) stood for the restoration of democratic rights and freedoms and a united, free and socialist Europe..

Front entrance to the Axel Springer headquarters..

Building West Berlin, 1977, with the Fritz Klimsch owl sculpture..

Axel Springer SE is one of the largest digital publishing houses in Europe, with numerous multimedia news brands, such as BILD, WELT, and FAKT and more than 15,000 employees.. It generated total revenues of about €3.3 billion and an EBITDA of €559 million in the financial year 2015..Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the company is active in more than 40 countries with subsidiaries, joint ventures, and licenses..Part of the articles of association of Axel Springer AG are the 5 socio-political preambles that were written by Axel Springer in 1967, amended in 1990 following German reunification and supplemented in 2001..

1- To uphold liberty and law in Germany, a country belonging to the Western family of nations, and to further the unification of Europe\2-To promote reconciliation of Jews and Germans and support the vital rights of the State of Israel/3-To support the Transatlantic Alliance, and solidarity with the United States of America in the common values of free nations\4-To reject all forms of political totalitarism/5-To uphold the principles of a free social market economy..

Further in Leaflet No. 35, the EU described their vision of European socialism..They defined what it did and did not mean. "...socialism does not mean the eradication of the bourgeoisie, the suspension of private property and creation of a bloody dictatorship of dogmatic Marxists, [but rather the] elimination of private interests from politics and economy," and a "liberation of the individual from economic paternalism..Hitler's resettlement operations and the abduction of foreign workers to Germany in huge masses have prepared the ground for a pan-European solution..Without overcoming the nationalist, private capitalist and imperialist structure of modern Europe, the present victims and the nameless misery of the masses will again be in vain"..

The Wall Street project in Russia in 1917 used the Red Cross Mission as its operational vehicle..Both Guaranty Trust and National City Bank had representatives in Russia at the time of the revolution. Frederick M. Corse of the National City Bank branch in Petrograd was attached to the American Red Cross Mission, of which a great deal will be said later. Guaranty Trust was represented by Henry Crosby Emery was temporarily held by the Germans in 1918 and then moved on to represent Guaranty Trust 'in China..

The EU was stopped by the Gestapo, not for its activities, but because one of the leading members of the EU, Paul Hatschek had been under heavy surveillance for years.. In 1943, the Gestapo observed Hatschek meeting two parachute landings..By the end, they had over 40 members of the EU; the number of forced laborers arrested, but not brought before a court, is unknown.. The Jews being hidden by the EU were sent to Auschwitz, where about half of them were killed..Dr. Anneliese Groscurth (1910–1996) was the wife of Georg Groscurth and a member of the European Union, (Europäische Union) an antifascist German resistance group in Berlin, during the Nazi era.. Her husband and all but one of the other central members of the group were executed, but she survived..In his farewell letter to his wife, written half an hour before his execution, Groscurth wrote, "Dwell on this, that we're dying for a better future, for a life without man's hatred for man"..On August 23, 2001, the city legislature of Arolsen decided to name a street after Groscurth..The majority of active voluntary Red Cross members are part of the 5 voluntary societies of the German Red Cross..Please take care of yourselves..and each other... think that we can design a better society, and we still have about the best society that’s around..The fact that we are discontented with its imperfections is not a bad thing in itself, but it is no justification to destroy it..The lower middle class is petty bourgeois..These people seek their security in status; status in an organizational structure..They try to find a place for themselves in an organization which has a hierarchy in which they can count on moving up automatically simply by surviving..They live for retirement and find their security through status in structures..The party members of the Nazi Party in Germany were consistently lower middle class...

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