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Lightbulb Hyde Park

The Rolling Stones/Sweet Summer Sun..
Hyde Park Obelisk is an obelisk located in Hyde Park in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia..

Thornton's Scent Bottle..

It sits at the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Bathurst Street..Unveiled in 1857 by the then Lord Mayor, George Thornton, it served as a sewerage educt vent to allow the escape of noxious gases from the sewer (although it now ventilates the stormwater system, following works to separate Sydney's sewerage and stormwater systems)..Hyde Park was named after the original Hyde Park in London..Seven Arab horses taken on board the First Fleet at the Cape Colony (now South Africa) were the first horses to be brought to Australia... start a question, and it's like starting a stone..You seem to be now the very thing you set out to destroy.. Giving evil for evil.. Hatred is turning you to stone..If he be Mr. Hyde," he had thought, "I shall be Mr. Seek..We can pool information about experiences, but never the experiences themselves.. From family to nation, every human group is a society of island universes.. You sit quietly on the top of a hill; and away the stone goes, starting others..He put the glass to his lips and drank at one gulp...

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