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Arrow Armed... with AJAX

The Warriors vs. The Baseball Furies + Ajax..
1404 Ajax, provisional designation 1936 QW, is a large, carbonaceous Jupiter trojan, about 82 kilometers in diameter.. It was discovered by German astronomer Karl Reinmuth at Heidelberg Observatory on 17 August 1936..The minor planet is named after the Greek half-god and hero in the Trojan War, Ajax.. He is the son of Telamon, who kills himself because the armor of Achilles was awarded to Odysseus..Pausanias also relates that a gigantic skeleton, its kneecap 5 inches (13 cm) in diameter, appeared on the beach near Sigeion, on the Trojan coast; these bones were identified as those of Ajax..Ajax is a brand of cleaning products, introduced by Colgate-Palmolive in 1947 for a powdered household and industrial cleaner..Some Ajax dish soaps now feature the trademarked slogan "Stronger than grease!" which may be a pun on "Greece"..The first slogan was used again for Ajax Laundry Detergent when introduced in the early 1960's..At the end of the Doors song "Touch Me", Morrison says the slogan "Stronger Than Dirt"..The AJAX furnace was a modification of the tilting open hearth furnace that used blown oxygen to improve productivity..

Ajax preparing for suicide..

1414 Jérôme, provisional designation 1937 CE, is a somewhat eccentric, carbonaceous asteroid from the outer region of the asteroid belt, about 17 kilometers in diameter.. It was discovered on 12 February 1937 by French astronomer Louis Boyer at Algiers Observatory, Algeria, in northern Africa..1434 Margot (1936 FD1) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on March 19, 1936, by G. Neujmin at Simeis..1444 Pannonia, provisional designation 1938 AE, is a carbonaceous asteroid from the outer region of the asteroid belt, about 28 kilometers in diameter..The minor planet was named after the ancient province of the Roman Empire, Pannonia, which was partially located over the territory of the present-day western Hungary..

4034 Vishnu is an Apollo asteroid, 0.4 kilometers in diameter.. It completes one revolution around the Sun almost once every year..Its highly eccentric orbit crosses the orbits of Venus, Earth, and Mars..4450 Pan, provisional designation 1987 SY, is a highly eccentric, contact-binary asteroid, classified as a near-Earth and potentially hazardous object..Epoch 27 June 2015 ..The asteroid is a contact binary, composed of two lobes in mutual contact, held together only by their weak gravitational attraction, and typically show a dumbbell-like shape (also see 4769 Castalia)..A large number of near-Earth objects are believe to be contact binaries..The minor planet was named after the Greek god of nature and wild animals, Pan, represented in art as a horned half-man, half goat..He developed from a shepherd god into a hunter, fisherman and warrior, and was worshiped by the citizens of Athens, after he had spread panic through the invading Persian armies in the Battle of Marathon..The name Pan has also been given to Saturn XVIII, one of the moons of Saturn..4486 Mithra, provisional designation 1987 SB, is a highly eccentric asteroid, classified as a near-Earth and potentially hazardous object..The minor planet was named after Mithra, god of light in the proto-Indo-Iranian religion, that led to Mithraism, one of the last oriental mystery cults to reach the west, where it became the chief rival to and opponent of Christianity..Mithraism and Christianity have much in common: a divine lord by whom man was assured of elevation, a sacramental meal and a ritual of baptism..Ajax, a Call of Duty: Ghosts special operations soldier... think you're the only ones on earth?.That's what they do all the time is act..You pillage and you butcher in your God's name, but you're not the only religion, and He's not the only God..And now you think you can just rip the planet apart?..Leave your name, number and nightmare at the tone..Looking for a little ghost orientation here?..

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