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Sam & Lucifer - Good Morning Vietnam!..
Afghanistan -Of the United States darths, 1,856 have died in hostile action.. Included in these numbers are 12 CIA operatives that were killed in Afghanistan: se7en in a suicide bomb attack on a military base, two in an ambush, one in a shooting attack at the U.S. embassy in Kabul, one in a prison uprising in November 2001, and one in an Incident..

As of 30 October 2014, the British forces have suffered 453 fatalities and 2,188 wounded in action, another 5,251 have suffered from disease or non-battle injuries

A total of 157 members of the Canadian Forces have died in Afghanistan between February 2002 and 29 October 2011..

A total of 88 French soldiers have died thus far.. 70 soldiers have been killed in action, of the 18 others: se7en have died in vehicle Incidents, one in a helicopter crash, two committed suicide, two have drowned, one was killed by a lightning strike, two died from a non-hostile gunshot wound, one died by friendly fire, one died in an Incidental explosion, and one died of unknown causes..

Jacob wrestling with the angel..

A total of 53 Italians have died in Afghanistan..

As of May 5, 2013, 54 German soldiers and 3 policemen died in Afghanistan, raising the death toll to 57.. Among them are the first German reservists to fall in hostile actions and the first German policemen to die in a deployment abroad since World War II. In addition to these fatalities, 245 German soldiers and 4 police officers suffered injuries of varying degree caused by hostile activity..

Of the 35 Spanish deaths, 17 died in August 2005 when the Eurocopter Cougar helicopter they were travelling in crashed, 13 were killed in separate attacks by insurgents..62 Spanish soldiers died in a Yak-42 plane crash in Turkey on their way back to Spain from Afghanistan..

37 soldiers have been killed in various hostile engagements or as a result of friendly fire, and 6 have been killed in non-combat related incidents, bringing the number of Danish fatalities to 43..

The Australian forces in Afghanistan have suffered 41 fatalities.. 261 soldiers have been wounded..

A total of 25 Dutch servicemen were killed in Afghanistan..

23 Romanian soldiers have been killed in action in Afghanistan, se7en of them in Zabul province.. At least 131 soldiers have been wounded in action..

10 New Zealand Defence Force soldiers have died in Afghanistan, most while carrying out their duties as part of the Provincial Reconstruction Team..

10 Norwegian ISAF soldiers have been killed in action in Afghanistan..

5 Swedish soldiers have been killed in action since 2005..

Bankers 0/\Politicains 0/\Media Mogul 0/\Judas Priests 0...

The Meaning of Life - Mr. Creosote Blows HD..
Lucifer is the King James Version rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל in Isaiah 14:12.. This word, transliterated hĂȘlĂȘl or heylel, occurs once in the Hebrew Bible and according to the KJV-based Strong's Concordance means "shining one, light-bearer".. The Septuagint renders הֵילֵל in Greek as ἑωσφόρος (heōsphoros), a name, literally "bringer of dawn", for the morning star.. The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate, which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer, meaning "the morning star, the planet Venus", or, as an adjective, "light-bringing"... are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history..Why don't they get a rope and hang me?. Hey, is it a little too early for being that loud?. Hey, too late. It's 0600 What's the "0" stand for?.. Oh, my God, it's early..Speaking of early, how about that Cro-Magnon..For those of you recovering from a hangover, that's gonna sound just right...

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