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Arrow Crossroads Demonz

Lt. George W. Bush/Texas Air National Guard..

Supernatural Crossroad Blues Intro..
The Crossroads tests were the first of many nuclear tests held in the Marshall Islands, and the first to be publicly announced beforehand and observed by an invited audience, including a large press corps..The first test was Able..The bomb, named Gilda after Rita Hayworth's character in the 1946 eponymous film, was dropped from the B-29 Superfortress Dave's Dream of the 509th Bombardment Group on July 1, 1946, and detonated 520 feet (158 m) above the target fleet..The second test was Baker..The bomb, known as Helen of Bikini, was detonated 90 feet (27 m) underwater on July 25, 1946.. Radioactive sea spray caused extensive contamination.. A third deep water test, Charlie, planned for 1947, was canceled primarily because of the US Navy's inability to decontaminate the target ships after the Baker test..

Gilda, the 23-kiloton nuclear weapon..

Gilda detonated 520 feet (158 m) above the target fleet, with a yield of 23 kilotons.. Five ships were sunk..2 attack transports sank immediately, 2 destroyers within hours, and 1 Japanese cruiser the following day..Some of the 114 press observers expressed disappointment at the effect on ships..In addition to the 5 ships that sank, 14 were judged to have serious damage or worse, mostly due to the bomb's air-pressure shock wave..As with Little Boy (Hiroshima) and Fat Man (Nagasaki), the Crossroads Able shot was an air burst..These were purposely detonated high enough in the air to prevent surface materials from being drawn into the fireball..The large Wilson cloud and the vertical water column are distinctive Baker shot features..One picture shows a mark where the 27,000 ton battleship USS Arkansas was..Sailors tried to scrub off the radioactivity with brushes, water, soap, and lye..The Baker explosion ejected into the environment about twice as many free neutrons as there were fission events..The cleanup was hampered by two significant factors: the unexpected base surge and the lack of a viable cleanup plan..Service members who participated in the clean up of contaminated ships were exposed to unknown amounts of radiation..The juxtaposition of half-naked islanders with nuclear weapons that had the power to reduce everyone to a primitive state provided some with an inspirational motif..Only pigs and rats were used in the Baker test... the chains of matrimony are so heavy they have to be carried by three..There's no fool so dangerous as a fool with brains..Yes, but we can enlist the support of your dear family...

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