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Lightbulb Salty Spaceman

Procol Harum..
A Salty Dog was released in June 1969 by record labels Regal Zonophone and A&M..The title track, backed with "Long Gone Geek", reached number 44 in the UK Singles Chart in 1969 and the album itself number 27 in the Albums Chart..

Cinzano Airline TV Advert - Collins & Rossiter..

I'm the Urban Spaceman was the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band's most successful single, released in 1968..It reached #5 in the UK charts..The song was written by Neil Innes and produced by Paul McCartney and Gus Dungeon under the pseudonym "Apollo C. Vermouth"..Jews formerly wore turbans in Biblical times.. Greeks, since ancient times, do wear a distinctive style of turbans..The origins of turbans are uncertain..Early Persians in modern Iran and Phrygians in modern Turkey wore a conical cap (Phrygian cap) encircled by bands of cloth, which historians have suggested was developed to become the modern turban, but other theories suggest it was first widely worn in Egypt..The priestly mitre or turban (Hebrew mitznefet מִצְנֶפֶת) was the head covering worn by the Jewish High Priest when he served in the Tabernacle and the Temple in Jerusalem..The Mithraic or Phrygian cap is the origin of the priestly mitre in all faiths..It is always masculine in its meaning..It Marks the 'needle' of the obelisk, the crown or tip of the Phallus, whether 'human' or representative..It has its origin in the rite of circumcision-unaccountable as are both the symbol and the rite..It was worn by the Priest in sacrifice... for Mrs. Salmon!.You see, when the mind houses two personalities, there's always a conflict, a battle..Love the smell of dampness, don't you?.I'll make an honest woman of you if you want...

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