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The Miners Strike - 1984 ..
While there had been more than 1,000 coal mines in the UK during the first half of the 20th century, by 1984 there were only 173 still operating..Coal mining had been nationalised by Clement Attlee's Labour government in 1947 and was in 1984 managed by the National Coal Board (NCB) under Ian MacGregor..The mining industry was effectively a closed shop..Although this was not official policy, any employment of non-unionised labour would have led to a mass walkout of mineworkers..Also working in deep coal mines were overmen and deputy overmen, who supervised the miners and ensured their safety, and shotfirers, who assembled and detonated explosions to dislodge rocks and demolish structures..No mining could legally be done without being overseen by an overman or deputy overman..A strike nearly occurred in February 81, when the government had a similar plan to close 23 pits, but the threat of a strike was then enough to force the government to back down..At its beginning, the strike was almost universally observed in the snowfields of Yorkshire, Scotland, the North-East and Kent..

Serving Johannesburg..

In the first 27 weeks of the strike, 164,508 "presumed pickets" were prevented from entering the county.. On 26 March 1984, pickets protested against the police powers by deliberately driving slowly on the M1 and the A1 around Doncaster..When a group of Kent pickets were stopped at the Dartford tunnel and preventing from travelling to picket the Midlands, the Kent NUM applied for an injunction against use of this power..During the industrial action 11,291 people were arrested and 8,392 charged with offences such as breach of the peace and obstructing the highway..In many former mining areas antipathy towards the police remained strong for many years afterwards..On 16 July 1984, Thatcher convened an urgent Ministerial meeting and seriously considered declaring a state of emergency, with plans to use 4,500 military drivers and 1,650 tipper trucks to keep coal supplies available..The provision of welfare benefits became controversial..Dame Stella Rimington (Director-General of MI5, 1992–96) published an autobiography in 2001 in which she revealed MI5 'counter-subversion' exercises against the NUM and the striking miners, which included the tapping of union leaders' phones..

The Sun newspaper took a very anti-strike position as did the Daily Mail, , and even the Labour Party-supporting Daily Mirror and The Guardian became hostile as the strike became increasingly violent..The Morning Star was the only national daily newspaper that consistently supported the striking miners and the NUM..The stance of the Daily Mirror varied throughout the strike..Having initially been uninterested in the dispute, the paper's owner Robert Maxwell took a supportive stance in July 1984 by organising a seaside trip for striking miners and by meeting with NUM officials to discuss tactics..The Daily Mirror then adopted a more critical stance on the strike, and journalist John Pilger published several articles on the violence directed against strike-breakers..In November 1984, there were allegations that Scargill had met Libyan agents in Paris, and other senior officials travelled to Libya..Links to the Libyan government were particularly damaging coming 7 months after the murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy in London by Libyan agents..2 pickets, David Jones and Joe Green, died during the strike, and 3 teenagers (Darren Holmes, aged 15, and Paul Holmes and Paul Womersley, both aged 14) died picking coal from a colliery waste heap in the winter..One of the most publicised acts of violence came on 9 July 1984 when a group of pickets at Rossington colliery attempted to trap 11 NCB safety inspectors inside the colliery..Policing was extensive from the start of the 1984-5 strike..During the Battle of Orgreave, TV cameras caught a policeman repeatedly lashing out at a picket on his head with a truncheon..A murder in the former mining town of Annesley, Nottinghamshire in 2004 was a result of an argument between former members of the NUM and the UDM, an indication of continued tensions..The Soviet Union's official trade union federation donated £1 million to the NUM..In the aftermath of the strike, miners were often offered large redundancy payments in ballots, and these offers were accepted even at the most militant pits..The coal industry was finally privatised in December 1994 to create a firm named "R.J.B. Mining", now known as UK Coal..The successor company that contains the former property division, Harworth Group is still listed on the London Stock Exchange... you used to read me your Song of Songs, remember?."How beautiful are your feet..In sandals, O prince's daughter"..I used to read the Bible every night..Every night I used to think about you...

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