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Lightbulb Duke of Ding

Ding Chinese Character..
Many events concerning the Shang dynasty are mentioned in various Chinese classics, including the Book of Documents, the Mencius and the Zuo Zhuan..of the Shang dynasty as part of his Records of the Grand Historian. His history describes some events in detail, while in other cases only the name of a king is given.. A closely related, but slightly different, account is given..Working from all the available documents, the Han dynasty historian Sima Qian assembled a sequential account amboo Annals..The earliest records are the oracle bones inscribed during the reigns of the Shang kings from Wu Ding..Diviners would submit questions to deities regarding future weather, crop planting, the fortunes of members of the royal family, military endeavors, and other similar topics..The 2011 murder of the Ding family occurred in Wootton, a suburb of Northampton, England, in late April.. Four members of the Ding family-Professor Jifeng "Jeff" Ding, his wife Helen Chui and their daughters Xing and Alice-were found murdered at their home in Wootton at 6:00 pm on Sunday, 1 May 2011.. They were thought to have been murdered 2 days earlier between about 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Friday, 29 April 2011-the day of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which was an additional Public Holiday in the UK..An estimated two billion people watch the wedding..

Sathya Sai Baba..

In the Domesday Book, Wootton is described as "Wetone"..Wootton is separated from Hardingstone by the Newport Pagnell Road the B526, formerly part of the A50 road..Part of Wootton is alongside the A45 dual carriageway from the M1 to Wellingborough which is seen and heard from that part of the area..Wellingborough is a market town and borough in Northamptonshire, England, situated 11 miles (18 km) from the county town of Northampton..Due to frequent flooding by the River Nene, the town was mostly built above the current level of the flood plain..Alice and Xing were talented musicians.. Xing had excelled in school and 'has now been awarded four posthumous A* grades [at A-level] in Chemistry, Classic Latin, Mathematics and Biology, after the exams boards used her existing work to predict the grades she would have achieved'..She had already accepted an offer from the University of Nottingham to study Medicine in the autumn..

Channel 4 News..

April 5 – Police investigating the murder of Sian O'Callaghan identified human remains found at a second site as those of Swindon woman Becky Godden-Edwards, who was last seen alive in 2002 at the age of 20/6 – The Mandatory retirement age began to be phased out\7-Hugh FitzRoy, 11th Duke of Grafton was educated at Eton College and at Magdalene College Cambridge -Milton was the son of Clive and Ruth Milton and was raised in Cricklewood, London..His father was one of the Jewish children rescued by the Kindertransport mission and brought to Britain in 1939-/11- Angela Scoular was among a small group of actors to have appeared in two James Bond films, made by different production companies\13 – 53-year-old actor Brian Regan, most famous for his role as Terry Sullivan in the former Channel 4 TV soap Brookside, was charged – along with another man – with the murder of a man who was fatally shot in Aigbburthurth, Merseyside, on 24 February 2011/14-In 1960 Bannister appeared on stage at the Cambridge Theatre in London in Billy Liar, which starred Albert Finney\19-Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen was born 1 February 1946 in Liverpool, England-In 1965, she made her first film appearance in Ferry Cross the Mersey as an uncredited extra/20-Hetherington was killed while covering the front lines in the besieged city of Misrata, Libya, during the 2011 Libyan civil war..There appeared to be uncertainty whether he was killed by shrapnel from a mortar shell or an RPG round-Pun was 21 years old, and a Rifleman in the 3rd Battalion, 6th Gurkha Rifles, in the Indian Army during World War II when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross\22-Like all Archdruids, Elerydd was himself the winner of a major prize at the National Eisteddfod, in his case the crown at the Pwllheli Eisteddfod in 1955 and at Cardiff in 1960/23-Terence Longdon lived on the border of Gloucestershire and Warwickshire-From working-class South London, Sullivan worked in a variety of low-paid jobs for 15 years before getting his first break writing Citizen Smith\24 -Sathya Sai Baba ( 23 November 1926) was an Indian guru, and philanthropist..He claimed to be the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi..On 8 March 1940, while living with his elder brother Sesham Raju in Uravakonda, a small town near Puttaparthi, Sathya was apparently stung by a scorpion.. He lost consciousness for several hours and in the next few days underwent a noticeable change in behaviour..There were "symptoms of laughing and weeping, eloquence and silence".. It is claimed that then "he began to sing Sanskrit verses, a language of which he had no prior knowledge..He won fame for mystical powers and the ability to heal..Through this organisation, Sathya Sai Baba established a network of free hospitals, clinics, drinking water projects, auditoriums, ashrams and schools– Senior Liberal Democrat minister Chris Huhne threatened legal action over "untruths" told by Conservative MP's opposed to the Alternative Vote System, 11 days before the referendum-In May 2011 Huhne's estranged wife Vicky Pryce approached a reporter for the Mail on Sunday with a claim that Huhne had "pressurised people to take his driving licence penalty points" on his behalf in 2003/26-Leach was educated at St Peter's Court, Broadstairs, and the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth\27 – The Office for National Statistics revealed that the economy had returned to growth during the first quarter of this year, growing by 0.5%/Ernesto Sabato (June 24, 1911) was an Argentine writer, painter and physicist..According to the BBC he "won some of the most prestigious prizes in Hispanic literature" and "became very influential in the literary world throughout Latin America"..Upon his darth El PaĆ­s dubbed him the "last classic writer in Argentine literature"/30- Holmes was educated at Forest School in Snaresbrook, northeast London, and Emmanuel College, Cambridge , as well as Northern Illinois and the University of Reading..., where are you?.I know about the island..I've been researching..That's when I knew I wasn't crazy..You must come up one night and we'll watch a few stars together, but the Duke was not deceived into believing that he was welcome on the present occasion..My Astronomy is so rusty, but I saw some mention of it in the paper yesterday, and at one time I was a keen student of the Stars..I want full newspaper coverage..But I wonder, a little, that you should consider charts of the Macrocosm necessary to your studies..I want TV..Soon I'll have reached out to and influenced more people than anybody in the history of this planet...

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