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Arrow Call of Culthu

Bond Air Services..

Jim Murphy describes Glasgow's helicopter crash..
The aircraft was a twin-engined Eurocopter EC135 T2+, serial 0546, registered G-SPAO and manufactured in 2007..The pilot was 51-year-old David Traill; Traill had flown Chinook helicopters in the RAF for 20 years, latterly as an instructor..(646 hours of flight experience on the EC135)..The helicopter carried 2 police observers, PCs Kirsty Nelis and Tony Collins..At the time of the Incident it had flown for 6,351 hours and made 9,385 landings..The flight, callsign SP99, was initially involved in the search for a suspected trespasser on railway lines around Eglinton Toll (St Andrew's Cross)..It was then tasked to Dalkeith in Midlothian, around 44 miles (71 km) east of its base, before returning to the Glasgow area..A few minutes before the crash, the pilot had received air traffic control clearance to return to Glasgow City Heliport..At 22:22, approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) east of its home base, the helicopter came down on the flat roof of the Clutha Vaults bar..(Clutha is Latin for the River Clyde, which is adjacent to the pub).. No distress call was made..A ska band, Esperanza, was playing in the pub at the time of the crash and there were reported to be around 120 people in the building, some of whom were trapped by the collapsing roof..32 people were injured, 11 of them seriously..Police appealed for copies of any footage of the scene before or after the incident..The final report was published on 23 October 2015..The Clutha Vaults, 169 Stockwell Street building is a former tenement which used to have multiple storeys, but after a fire in the 60's the upper storeys were removed..They worshipped, so they said, the Great Old Ones who lived ages before there were any men..and formed a cult which had never died..Latitude 55° N Longitude 4° W..

The RAF Chinook display team DemonStrate the daring manoeuvre..

21 November –31 people are killed by a truck bomb in northeastern Iraq - It is reported that 3 women believed to have been held as slaves for the last 3 decades were rescued from a residence in London on 25 October-Perkins was a right-handed batsman who bowled both slow left-arm orthodox and left-arm medium pace – Euromaidan pro-EU demonstrations begin in Ukraine/22-During a performance at Howsham Village Hall on 9 Nov 2013 Dawson collapsed with a heart attack-"The Barley Mow" has become a drinking song sung while comrades empty their glasses-A barley mow is a stack (mow) of barley, especially barley that was cultivated and then harvested-2013 World Chess..Magnus Carlsen defeats Viswanathan Anand\23-Manny Pacquiao defeats American Brandon Rios/24– 101st CFL Grey Cup-Iran agrees to limit their nuclear development program in exchange for sanctions relief-Leigh-Pemberton was educated at St Peter's Court, then at Eton College..His brother, Jeremy is a Deputy Lieutenant of Kent and is the parish chairman for the neighbouring parish of Wormshill-64th Formula One: Sebastian Vettel wins by 155 points-40th American Music Awards: Swift & Timberlake win\25-William Anthony "Bill" Foulkes was an English footballer who played for Man United in the Busby Babes teams of the 50s-Although the majority of Lane's short stories can be categorised as horror or dark fantasy, his novels are more overtly mainstream-John Shaw has been likened to the broadcaster John Peel-The Allisons were an English pop duo-Foreststorn "Chico" Hamilton, was an American jazz drummer and bandleader-17 people are killed and 37 are wounded in a cafe bombing in Baghdad, Ira q/26 –Salmond launches the White Paper - The Reverend John Galbraith Graham MBE (16 February 1921) best known as Araucaria of The Guardian, like his father, a Church of England priest-Stennett was born in Pencoed, Bridgend..During World War II, he served and worked as an entertainer-William Henry Stevenson was a British-born Canadian Called Intrepid -אָרִיק אַייִנְשְׁטָייִן‎, was a pioneer of Israeli rock music and was named "the voice of Israel..The Novel of the Black Seal" has been cited as a model for some of Lovecraft's best-known stories: "The Call of Cthulhu"..

27 –Reginald Thomas Simpson (27 February 1920) was an English cricketer, who played in 27 Tests from 1948 to 55-Following a trial at Northampton Crown Court, businessman Anxiang Du is convicted of the 2011 murder of a family of 4 in a revenge attack after losing a legal case against them-They were all stabbed to death at their home in Pioneer Close, part of the re-developed Royal Pioneer Corps' Simpson Barracks in Wootton, a modern suburb of Northampton just over 2 miles (3.2 km) south of the town centre..Simpson was educated at Bishop Cotton Boys' School, Bedford School, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich...The Corps remained there until they were amalgamated with units to form the Royal Logistic Corps and the barracks closed in 1993...Du the Ding family were killed around 2 hours later at around3:30 pm..Jeff 23 times, Helen 13 times, Xing 11 times and Alice 4 times..He the Dings' car was abandoned in St. John's Wood, where it remained for 11 days and accrued 9 parking tickets..Among the Hui Muslims, the surname Ding is thought to originate from the last syllable of the Arabic honorific "ud-Din" or "al-Din"..Na, Su, La, and Ding-with the descendants of Shams al-Din's son, Nasruddin, who "divided" their ancestor's name..The earliest record of this surname in history was the Duke of Ding during the Shang Dynasty-Nílton dos Santos (The Encyclopedia) Born in Rio de Janeiro, a pioneering left back, being one of first full backs to participate in the offensive game-Tiger Woods is named PGA Tour's player of the year for the 11th time-Greece becomes the first developed market to be demoted into an emerging market by the MSCI index-In The Professionals, Collins played the role of William Bodie, a former mercenary-turned-SAS trooper-"Frozen", the highest-grossing animated Movie of all time..The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents Dinger... term I've just one thing to say to you..One rule..Follow it and you won't go wrong..And it is this Work..Play but but don't mix the two of them'..Just remember that life here is a matter of give and take..We are your new family and you must expect the Rough and tumble that goes with any family life..You find here in College House a discipline not only of your mothers but also to help the Haus and you'll be helped by the house.. And, as such, you must be punished...

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