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Arrow Cats & Dogs

Reservoir Dogs: Mr Orange ..
Andrew originated from a tropical wave over the central Atlantic, becoming the 4th tropical cyclone and the first hurricane of the 1992 Atlantic hurricane season.. Initially, strong wind shear prevented much intensification, but after turning westward, Andrew entered a stage of rapid intensification; it peaked as a powerful Category 5 hurricane near the Bahamas on August 23..The effects of land caused the small hurricane to rapidly lose its intensity, and it diminished to a depression by August 27 while crossing Mississippi..In the Bahamas, Andrew brought high tides, hurricane-force winds, and tornadoes, causing widespread structural damage, especially on Cat Cays..

The Cat Cays are two islands in the Bahamas, North Cat Cay and South Cat Cay, approximately 10 miles south of Bimini.. North Cat Cay is a privately owned island and is run as a private members club by the Cat Cay Yacht Club..It is named after the "cat line" of a sailing vessel which it resembles, and was once used by pirates Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, and Charles Vane..Queen Victoria granted the original deed for Cat Cay to Captain William Henry Stuart in 1873, as a reward for his services as keeper of the Lighthouse on neighbouring Gun Cay..In World War II, Cat Cay was a para military base for PT boats of the British and Allied Forces..The American DuPont family, including members of the Carpenter and Crowninshield families owned and had use of property on the island for many years... said my faith would light my way, yet all I see before me is a sea of darkness..take for instance the story about the spy we had in our barracks, fixed up with phony dog tags...

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