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Arrow The Cape

Department of the Air Force..
Kappa is a family of Japanese sounding rockets, which were built starting from 1956..

Skylark at Esrange, Sweden on 2 May 2005..

Skylark was a British sounding rocket design..The Skylark was first launched in 1957 from Woomera Australia/11 September 13:30 Skylark-2C..It was also used with high precision in September and October 1972 in an effort to locate the optical counterpart of X-ray source GX3+1 by lunar occultation..The final 441st launch took place from Esrange, Sweden on 2 May 2005...

FTV-1132, also known as the Corona 9042A, was an American area survey optical reconnaissance satellite which was launched in 1962.. It was a KH-5 Argon satellite, based on an Agena-B..The satellite operated successfully, however its film capsule was lost during recovery due to a parachute failure..The Satellite Recovery Vehicle used by FTV-1132 was SRV-600... have a dog don't you, Sam?..Well..I first saw him that morning in the lobby..And from my limited knowledge of human nature..It's a mistake to teach women how to tell time..They always use it against you..Go on, tell me some more about that time when you were Queen of the Veiled Prophet's Ball...

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