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Arrow The Black Cat

Original 1934 theatrical poster..
Béla Kiss (1877 – ?) was a Hungarian serial killer.. He is thought to have murdered at least 24 young women and attempted to pickle them in giant metal drums that he kept on his property..Each woman that came to the house was strangled so to speak/1921 – The captain and 10 crewmen of the Carroll A. Deering, a schooner found run aground off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, on January 31, were never found..A mutiny is suspected, but without any idea of the crew's later whereabouts nothing can be proven, with claims that it was a victim of the Bermuda Triangle, although the evidence points towards a mutiny or possibly piracy-The Carroll A. Deering was built in Bath, Maine..The vessel was designed to carry cargo and had been in service for a year when it began its final voyage to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/1921 – Charles Whittlesey (37), American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient who led the "Lost Battalion" in World War I.. He was last seen on the evening of 26 November 1921, on a passenger ship bound from New York City to Havana..The Lost Battalion is the name given to nine companies of the US 77th Division, roughly 554 men, isolated by German forces during World War I after an American attack in the Argonne Forest in October 1918.. Roughly 197 were killed in action and approximately 150 missing or taken prisoner before 194(19x4=76/7+6=13) remaining men were rescued..The battle also cost 26,277 lives, and 95,786 wounded, making it the largest and bloodiest operation of the war for the American Expeditionary Forces..5 soldiers from the 77th lost their lives in the September 11 attacks, while serving in their civilian duties..

The Black Cat (1934)..

The Black Cat Café was a bar in San Francisco, California.. It originally opened in 1906 and closed in 1921..The Black Cat re-opened in 1933 and operated for another 30 years..During its second run of operation, it was a hangout for Beats and bohemians but over time began attracting more and more of a gay clientele.. In the early years, the bar was located in the basement of the Athens Hotel at 56 Mason Street in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood..The Black Cat Tavern was an LGBT bar located at 3909 West Sunset the Sunset Junction neighborhood of the Silver Lake district in Los Angeles, California..The bar was established in November 1966..On the night of New Year's Day 1967, several plain-clothes LAPD police officers infiltrated the tavern and ultimately arrested 13 patrons and 3 bartenders..This created a riot in the immediate area that expanded..The Black Cat opened shortly after the 1906 San Francisco EarthQuake..

The exterior of the Black Cat..

During the 1930s, Walt Disney built his first large studio in Silver Lake at the corner of Griffith Park Boulevard and Hyperion Avenue, now the site of Gelson's Market/1930 – Catherine Moroney, a struggling 17-year-old mother of 2, gave her 2-year-old daughter Mary Agnes to a stranger calling herself "Julia Otis" in exchange for $2 on May 15, on the understanding that the woman would take care of the girl in California for a short time and then return her to the Moroneys' Chicago home when things were better..She never did, and the ensuing investigation attracted national media attention..The girl was never located, and the case remains the oldest unsolved missing-persons case in the city/Charles Fort, in his book Lo! (1931), first mentioned this vessel in a "mysterious" context, and many subsequent chroniclers of sea mysteries have followed suit\1932 – Author Jack Black (c. 61) disappeared during the year/1933 – French Dadaist writer Julien Torma (30), never returned from a February 17 trip into the Austrian Tyrol – C. B. Johnston (c. 38), American college athlete and coach, sent a postcard to his wife from Zanesville, Ohio saying he was on his way to Chicago to publish a book after being fired as head football coach of what is now Appalachian State University..No one heard from him after that..The "Silver" in Silver Lake is not because of the water's colour, but named for the local engineer who built the reservoir..Echo to Chloe... I wanted to build a nice, cozy, unpretentious insane asylum, he'd be the man for it..And tonight in dark of the moon the rites of Lucifer are celebrated..You don't need to control every social worker, just the people who control the social workers..And if I'm not mistaken he intends you to play a part in that ritual..a very important part..In other words, you only need to control the very few people who have the power to call off an investigation when necessary..Strange about the cat...

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