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Lightbulb Hallowes Theatre

Agent Spindle, Lise..
Odette Sansom Hallowes GC, MBE (28 April 1912 – 13 March 1995) was an Allied intelligence agent during the Second World War..She was born Odette Marie Céline Brailly in Amiens, France, the daughter of the First World War hero Gaston Brailly, who was killed at Verdun in 1918.. At se7en, she caught poliomyelitis, and spent a year blind and another without the movement of her limbs..She met an Englishman, Roy Sansom, in Boulogne, and married him in 1931, moving with him to England..The couple had 3 daughters: Françoise, Lily and Marianne..As a result, she was enrolled in Special Forces of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) and trained by Colonel Maurice Buckmaster's SOE to be sent into Nazi-occupied France to work with the French Resistance..She left her 3 daughters in a convent school..You need to first imprison the human mind with a rigid belief and a fundamentally limited..You encourage those who follow these rigid beliefs to impose them on others and make life very difficult and unpleasant for anyone who does not conform..You bring these beliefs into conflict, so ensuring the divide and rule you so desperately need for control by the few...

Heifetz plays Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35-Carnegie Hall..

She made a landing near Cannes in 1942, where she made contact with her supervisor, Peter Churchill..Using the code name Lise, she brought him funds and acted as his courier..Churchill's operation in France was infiltrated by Hugo Bleicher, an Abwehr counterintelligence officer, who arrested Odette and Churchill at the Hôtel de la Poste in Saint-Jorioz on 16 April 1943; they were then sent to Fresnes Prison..Although tortured by the Sicherheitsdienst using a red-hot poker at 84 Avenue Foch in Paris, she stuck to her cover story that Churchill was the nephew of PM Winston Churchill, and that she was his wife..The hope was that in this way their treatment would be mitigated..She was condemned to darth in June 1943, although a time for execution was not specified, and sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp..In 1951, her home was burgled and the GC stolen..After an appeal by her mother, it was returned with a note saying..

ABBA : Fernando (Top Of The Pops) HD ..

You, Madame, appear to be a dear old lady..God bless you and your children..I thank you for having faith in me..I am not all that bad - it's just circumstances..Your little dog really loves me..I gave him a nice pat and left him a piece of meat - out of fridge..Sincerely yours, A Bad Egg..Odette survived the war partly thanks to her alias of "Churchill"..She was divorced from Churchill in 1956 and married Geoffrey Hallowes in the same year..On 23 February 2012, the Royal Mail released a postage stamp featuring Hallowes as part of its "Britons of Distinction" series..

Rufus Thompson, a carpenter, and his wife Anne Hathaway Baxter moved in 1831 from West Swanzey, New Hampshire to Girard, Pennsylvania, where their son Henry Denman Thompson was born (October 15, 1833 – April 14, 1911) was an American playwright and theatre actor..He first went on the professional stage in 1850 at the Howard Athenæum in Boston, where he played a supernumerary in Macbeth.. His first speaking role was in 1852 at Lowell, playing Orasman in the military drama, The French Spy.. He moved to Toronto in 1854 to train at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, and in 1860 married Maria Bolton, who bore him 3 children...Denman Thompson died when aged 77 at his home in West Swanzey..The town was the site of many battles during King George's War, and in 1747 was abandoned for 3 years..

April 20, 1911 (Thursday)-Guarantees of religious freedom and separation of church and state became law in the Republic of Portugal-Born: Kukrit Pramoj, PM of Thailand/22-John J. McNamara, Secretary-Treasurer of the International Association of Structural Iron Workers, was arrested along with 2 other men and charged with murder for the LA Times bombing that killed 21 people-The collapse of a railroad bridge at the Cape Colony caused a train to fall into a deep gorge, killing 20 people-Minnesota abolished the darth penalty-Died: John Passmore Edwards, 88, English philanthropist and peace activist\23 - Elections were held for the first time in Monaco - March of the French on Fez-One of Our Aircraft Is Missing/24-Conspiracy to overthrow the Dominican government-A copy of the Gutenberg Bible, part of the vast collection of the late Robert Hoe, was auctioned in New York-Born: Dr. Irene Sanger-Bredt, German rocket scientist, in Bonn\25-Peace reigned for 11 days before the talks broke off on May 6-Died: Dr. Charles Wertheimer, 60+Emilio Salgari, 48/26-By a 60-40 majority, Australian voters rejected referenda proposals-The town of Goldsboro, Florida, was abolished-The town of Craig, Iowa was incorporated in Plymouth County-Died: The Reverend Peter Steenstra, 78+ Pedro A. Paterno, 53\27 - An insurrection broke out in Canton-The persons who died in the attempt are celebrated as "the 72 Martyrs"-Berger, Socialist from Wisconsin, introduced a resolution to amend Article I-The idea that the Senate would concur in passing this joint resolution caused a merry laugh wherever it was discussed-France notified parties to the Algeciras convention that it would intervene in Morocco to protect foreigners in Fes/28-The world of physics first learned of the principle of superconductivity\29-Their original purpose was to protect and promote fish and game-Se7en teachers, all from Utica, died when the train plunged down and embankment and cars burst into flames, and 4 railroad employees were killed-Born: Sri Mahendranath, tantric teacher, as Lawrence Amos Miles-Died: Georg, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe, 64-His son took the title of Prince Adolf II/30-Died: Stanisław Brzozowski, 32, Polish philosopher-The Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35, was written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1878..It is one of the best known violin concertos, and is considered one of the most technically difficult works for the violin-Jascha Heifetz, a 10-year-old violin prodigy, made his debut at a concert in Saint Petersburg-One-third of the city of Bangor, Maine, was destroyed by a fire..Thousands of people were left homeless... stage one you create a problem..It could be a country attacking another, a government or economic collapse, or a terrorist bomb..Anything in fact that the public will think requires a "solution"..At stage two, you report the "problems" you have covertly created in the way you wish the people to perceive them..You find someone to blame, and you spin the background to these events in a way that encourages the people to demand that "something must be done"...

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