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Lightbulb TWA Flight 3

Lombard in 1940..
1942 January Dresden won by Klaus Junge ahead of Rudolf Keller, 3–8/Beverwijk (5th Hoogovens), won by Max Euwe ahead of Nicolaas Cortlever\13 -Sikorsky R-4 first flies, in the US; it will become the first mass-produced helicopter-Heinkel test pilot Helmut Schenk becomes the first person to escape from a stricken aircraft with an ejection seat/14-Born in Santa Rosa de Osos, Antioquia, to parents Antonio María Osorio and Pastora Benítez, he was raised by his grandparents in Angostura-Whatever the facts of the case, it is widely felt that Justice Sabharwal's being active in such decisions when his sons were even partly involved in the Delhi real estate business lacked propriety\16 - Arthur was born at Buckingham Palace on 1 May 1850, the se7enth child and 3rd son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.– American film actress Carole Lombard (Age 33) and her mother are among all 22 aboard TWA Flight 3 killed when the Douglas DC-3 plane crashes into Potosi Mountain near Las Vegas while she is returning from a tour to promote the sale of war bonds-René Angélil was born in Montreal, Québec, Canada, to a Melkite Catholic family of Syrian descent...

Douglas DC-3 similar to accident aircraft..

The Sikorsky R-4 was a 2-seat helicopter designed by Igor Sikorsky with a single, 3-bladed main rotor and powered by a radial engine..Heinkel was less successful in selling fighter designs..She was the highest-paid star in Hollywood in the late 1930s..Lombard was born into a wealthy family in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but was raised in Los Angeles by her single mother.. At 12, she was recruited by the film director Allan Dwan and made her screen debut in A Perfect Crime (1921).. Eager to become an actress, she signed a contract with the Fox Film Corporation at age 16, but mainly played bit parts.. She was dropped by Fox after a car Incident left a scar on her face.. Lombard appeared in 15 short comedies for Mack..Described by her biographer Wes Gehring as "a free-spirited tomboy", the young Lombard was passionately involved in sports and enjoyed watching movies..The DC-3 was a twin engine metal monoplane, developed as a larger, improved 14 bed sleeper version of the Douglas DC-2..Upon arrival in Albuquerque, Lombard and her companions were asked to give up their seats for the continuing flight segment, to make room for 15 U.S. Army Air Corps personnel flying to California..Other passengers were removed instead, including violinist Joseph Szigeti..Born into a musical family in a small town in Transylvania..Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education; it thus concerns the study and practice of how best to teach..15 minutes later, flying almost se7en miles off course, it crashed into a near vertical cliff on Potosi Mountain in the Spring Mountain range at 7,770 ft, about 80 ft (24 m) below the top of the cliff and 730 ft (220 m) below the summit, killing all on board Instantly..We need to get on the plane, we need to find that demon, and exorcise it... again.. You've interrupted me. Well..come in, Father Morning.. Enter, knight.. This time you're going to lose..Look, man, I get you're nervous, alright, but you gotta stay focused...
__________________ + Aga Khan IV receiving a gift of Trinitite...The group vied for control of the ghetto with the Judenrat, and infiltrated the opposition within the ghetto, because the EU had handed control to “an unelected set of bankers”..I dread to think what the future will bring, when we're living in real gangster time's..Get set for EU knee pads at Argos...
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