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Arrow The Warkeeper's Crown

Padre Mandy of St Barbara’s Garrison Church..
Cheryl James died from a gunshot wound to the head at Deepcut Army Barracks in 1995.. She was 18 years old.. The inquest held at the time recorded an open verdict..In July 2014 two judges declared that the original inquest, held 3 weeks after Cheryl’s was shot for less than 1 hour behind closed doors, was insufficient.. They overturned it..75% of the evidence relating to Cheryl’s case was released by Surrey Police after many years of her family battling to see it, and only after Surrey Police were threatened with legal action if they did not..

The Deadly Tower...

Already in the public domain, the facts we know are as follows:1. There is no evidence whatsoever to connect the rifle at the scene with Cheryl’s shooting..

2. No fingerprints were collected from the rifle..
3. Bullet fragments allegedly collected at post mortem were subsequently lost..
4. Remaining ammunition in the rifle found at the scene was inexplicably destroyed..
5. The clothing Cheryl was wearing at the time of her death was never forensically examined..
6. There is now reason to believe that the case involved sexual assault..On December 1st 2014, lawyers for Cheryl’s family asked that her body be exhumed and re-examined by a pathologist for further evidence.

Passion Of The CHRIST Flogging...

The renaming of Camberley was mentioned in the 1963 Movie Adaptation of William Golding's Lord of the Flies..There are 2 small airports nearby: Farnborough Airfield at Farnborough and Blackbushe Airport..Farnborough Airfield is well known for its International Air Show. Heathrow is 25 km (16 mi) as the crow flies..Abu Ghraib ( Arabic: أبو غريب‎, Abū Ghurayb) is a Sunni Arab city in the Baghdad Governorate of Iraq..The placename has been translated as "father of little crows" (in the sense of "place abundant in small crows")..Abu Ghraib was known for the Abu Ghraib Infant Formula Plant..Infants cry as a form of basic instinctive communication..As a branch of the armed forces, the role of the infantry in warfare is to engage, fight, and kill the enemy at close range—using either a firearm (rifle, pistol, machine gun), an edged-weapon (knife, bayonet), or bare hands (CQB)—as required by the mission to hand..The A30 leaving Camberley to the north for Bagshot has a large junction named the "Jolly Farmer Roundabout" named after the Public House that stood on it...

But at the second pre-inquest hearing on February 27 2015, Surrey Police asked that the inquest be delayed until the families of the 3 families of Geoff Gray, Sean Benton and James Collinson also obtained disclosure of evidence as Cheryl’s family had done, and also got their original inquests overturned. So that all the inquests into the darths of 4 young people over a 6 year period could be joined and heard together..It took Cheryl’s family 10 years to get permission from the High Court for disclosure of evidence, and a further 3 years to get 75% of the evidence from Surrey Police.. Only then could they get the original inquest overturned.. So if this proposal is agreed it will delay the new inquest into Cheryl by many years.. The proposal was opposed by 3 of the Deepcut families..A one month adjournment was ordered by the judge so that this proposal could be considered..At the end of the one month adjournment, Surrey Police’s legal representation declared themselves unavailable to continue the hearing which meant another delay until the end of May 2015..Finally it was announced that a fresh Inquest into Cheryl’s death was to go ahead.. This begins on 1 February 2016..Infantry relies on organized formations to be employed in battle..An Iron Age fort known as Caesar's Camp was situated to the north of this area alongside the Roman Road The Devil's Highway...Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, is a tenant of the landed gentry Fremantle family...Fremantle prisoners were tied to the Whipping Post when flogged..What's wrong, sweetie?. It's just a church, that's all..Mr Duncan Smith can live happily knowing he has to pay no rent or mortgage..Cryptic Masonry is the 3rd part of the York Rite system of Masonic degrees, and the last found within the Rite that deals specifically with the Hiramic Legend...'s never gonna make it back to the barracks..From the eternal sea he rises, creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother, until man exists no more..Now it's my will against yours and you will lose..The son of the devil will rise from the world of politics..Ian, your HCTB1 forms are not filled out correctly...

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