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Arrow Bleeding Kansas

Trans-Mississippi Theater..
Shelby was born in Lexington, Kentucky, to one of the state's wealthiest and most influential families..He lost his father at age 5, and was raised by a stepfather..Shelby attended Transylvania University and was a rope manufacturer until 1852..He then moved to Waverly, Missouri, where he engaged in steamboating on the Missouri River, running a hemp plantation, ropeworks, and sawmill..During the "Bleeding Kansas" struggle, he organized the pro-slavery "Blue Lodge" group in Waverly and led a company of border ruffians..Shelby's first direct involvement inside Kansas was at Lawrence during the 1855 March 30 election of the Kansas Territorial Legislature..

In Lumine Illo Tradimus Lumen ..

The use of ropes for hunting, pulling, fastening, attaching, carrying, lifting, and climbing dates back to prehistoric times..The ancient Egyptians were probably the first civilization to develop special tools to make rope..Starting from approximately 2800 B.C., rope made of hemp fibres was in use in China.. Rope and the craft of rope making spread throughout Asia, India, and Europe over the next several thousand years..In the Middle Ages, from the British Isles to Italy, ropes were constructed in ropewalks..Leonardo da Vinci drew sketches of a concept for a ropemaking machine, but it was never built..In solid braid the strands all travel the same direction, clockwise or anticlockwise, and alternate between forming the outside of the rope and the interior of the rope..Endless winding rope is made by winding single strands of high-performance yarns around two end terminations until the desired break strength or stiffness has been reached..Rope made from hemp, cotton or nylon is generally stored in a cool dry place for proper storage...

The city of Mexico began by irritating me intensely..On July 22, 1857 Shelby married Elizabeth Nancy Shelby (daughter of his first cousin) in a grand steamboat wedding and honeymoon trip to St. Louis. Known as Betty or Betsy, she was much younger than Jo..Shelby formed theLafayette County Mounted Rifles for Missouri State Guard service, and was elected the company's captain, leading it into battle at Carthage, Wilson's Creek, and Pea Ridge..Shelby led his "Iron Brigade" of Missouri volunteers on what was at that time the longest cavalry raid of the war, Shelby's Raid.. He was promoted to brigadier general on December 15, 1863, following the successful conclusion of his raid..In June 1865, rather than surrender, Shelby and approximately 1,000 of his remaining troops rode south into Mexico..Their plan was to offer their services to Emperor Maximilian as a 'foreign legion'..The event is depicted in a painting displayed at the Eagle Pass City Hall... general idea was to have an ever-burning lamp in a temple furnished with talismans appropriate to the elemental, planetary and zodiacal forces of nature..Daily invocations were to be performed with the object of making the light itself a consecrated centre or focus of spiritual energy..Even tonight, the experiment seems to me interesting and the conception sublime..This light would then radiate and automatically enlighten such minds as were ready to receive it...

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