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Valkyrie - No Handed "Heil..
Stauffenberg's full name was Claus Philipp Maria Justinian, followed by the noble title of "Count of Stauffenberg".. He was born in the Stauffenberg castle of Jettingen between Ulm and Augsburg, in the eastern part of Swabia, at that time in the Kingdom of Bavaria, part of the German Empire.. He was the third of 4 sons including the twins Berthold and Alexander..The titles "Graf" and "Gräfin" mean count and countess, respectively.. Schenk (i.e., cupbearer/butler) was an additional hereditary noble title.. The ancestral castle of the nobility was the last part of the title, which would be Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and used as part of the name.. The Stauffenberg family is one of the oldest and most distinguished aristocratic Catholic families of southern Germany.. Among his maternal Protestant ancestors were several famous Prussians, including Field Marshal August von Gneisenau..Like his brothers, he was carefully educated and inclined toward literature, but eventually took up a military career..Stauffenberg was commissioned as a leutnant (second lieutenant) in 1930.. He studied modern weapons at the Kriegsakademie in Berlin-Moabit, but remained focused on the use of horses which continued to carry out a large part of transportation duties throughout World War II in Modern Warfare...

And what do you remember when you think of Spartacus?.

The enmity between Erik and Einar is exacerbated when they both fall in love with the Christian Princess Morgana, who was to marry King Aella but is captured in a raid suggested by Egbert, to demand ransom and bring shame and political unpopularity pressure upon the Northumbrian monarch.. During a drunken feast in the "great hall", Einar confesses his feelings to Ragnar, who tells Einar that women often need to be taken by force and grants his son to take the prisoner as his.. Einar throws the guards off the ship Morgana is being held on, and begins to rape her..Before things can go any further, Erik grabs Einar from behind and knocks him out easily as he was very drunk, then takes Morgana away on a small ship he had constructed for Egbert..Erik and Morgana flee to England, along with Sandpiper (Erik's friend and fellow slave), Kitala and Morgana's maid Bridget .. Einar regains consciousness and gives the alarm, and several pursuing longships quickly gain on the fugitives.. In thick fog, Ragnar's longship hits a rock and sinks, while Erik's boat is guided safely by a primitive compass, a piece of magnetite in the shape of a fish that Sandpiper obtained in a distant land..Erik and Morgana become lovers during the trip, and she agrees to seek release from her pledge to marry Aella orders the Viking leader bound and thrown into a pit filled with starved wolves..To give Ragnar a Viking's death (so that he can enter Valhalla), Erik, who is granted the honour of forcing him into the pit, cuts the prisoner's bonds and gives him his sword..Laughing, Ragnar jumps to his darth.. In response to Erik's "treason", Aella cuts off his left hand, puts him back on his ship and casts him adrift..That you, sugar bumps?..

In November 1942, the Allies landed in French North Africa, and the10th Panzer Division occupied Vichy France (Case Anton) before being transferred to fight in the Tunisia Campaign, as part of the Afrika Korps..In 1943, Stauffenberg was promoted to Oberstleutnant i.G. (lieutenant-colonel of the general staff), and was sent to Africa to join the 10th Panzer Division as its Operations Officer in the General Staff (Ia)..On 19 February, Rommel launched his counter-offensive against British, American and French forces in Tunisia.. The Axis commanders hoped to break rapidly through either the Sbiba or Kasserine Pass into the rear of the British 1st Army..The assault at Sbiba was halted, so that Rommel concentrated on Kasserine Pass where primarily the Italians in the form of their 7th Bersaglieri Regiment and 131st Centauro Armoured Division had defeated the American defenders.. During the fighting,Stauffenberg drove up to be with the leading tanks and troops of the 10th Panzer Division..On 7 April 1943, Stauffenberg was involved in driving from one unit to another, directing their movement..Near Mezzouna, his vehicle was part of a column strafed by Kittyhawk (P-40) fighter bombers of the Desert Air Force – most likely from No. 3 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force – and he received multiple severe wounds..Stauffenberg spent 3 months in a hospital in Munich, where he was treated by Ferdinand Sauerbruch. Stauffenberg lost his left eye, his right hand, and 2 fingers on his left hand.. He jokingly remarked to friends never to have really known what to do with so many fingers when he still had all of them.. For his injuries, Stauffenberg was awarded the Wound Badge in Gold on 14 April and for his courage the German Cross in Gold on 8 May..Bob, I want you to go down to the globe..Follow that reporter Knox..Take your camera... what I did "evacuation"?.When they fell, were they "evacuated"?. There are another 20,000, at least, waiting for similar "evacuation"..I just think it is helpful to know what words mean...

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