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Lightbulb Flight GE 222

Magong Seal..

Map plotting the track and intensity of the storm..
Was a scheduled domestic passenger flight that crashed into buildings during approach to land in bad weather at Magong Airport, Penghu Island, Taiwan, on 23 July 2014..It first flew on 14 June 2000..Flight 222 was scheduled to depart from Kaohsiung at 16:00 Taiwan time (08:00 UTC), but it was delayed by weather and took off at 17:43 (=15)..At 18:11, the aircraft was near Magong Airport..The earliest temple in the country to the goddess Matsu is found on Magong..According to legend, Lin Moniang was born on March 23, 960 (during the Song Dynasty) as the se7enth daughter of Lin Yuan (林愿) on Meizhou Island, Fujian...

Video shows plane hitting a taxi and part of a highway before crashing into a river..

The ATR 72 is a twin-engine turboprop short-haul regional airliner manufactured by the French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR..First flight 27 October 1988-Introduction 27 October 1989..Passengers are boarded using the rear door (which is rare for a passenger aircraft) as the front door is used to load cargo..Bulk Freighter (tube versions) and ULD Freighter (Large Cargo Door). ATR unveiled a large cargo door modification for all ATR 72 at Farnborough 2002, coupled with a dedicated cargo conversion. FedEx, DHL, and UPS all operate the type...

There were 54 passengers on board (4 of whom were reported to be children) and a crew of 4..The captain was Lee Yi-liang ( 李義良; Lǐ Yìliáng), aged 60, and the first officer Chiang Kuan-hsing (江冠興; Jiāng Guānxīng), 39..Lee had logged 22,994 flight hours and Chiang 2,392 hours..Two French citizens, Pénélope Luternauer and Jéromine Deramond, medical students in Lille, France, and 46 Taiwanese (including all crew members) died in the crash.. Among the passengers was the Taiwanese master carpenter Yeh Ken-chuang..Taiwan News reported that "first suspicions hinted" the accident might be related to Typhoon Matmo, which had passed over Taiwan and Penghu earlier in the day; radar images showed heavy rain over the area at the time of the crash... is Carver.. He left a piece of his liver on the table every time he wrote a foookin page..Oh, come on people, don't be so pathetic..Stop looking at the world through your cellphone screens..What kind of havoc shall the Carver Media Group create in the world today? News?..Floods in Pakistan, riots in Paris, and a plane crash in California..Outstanding!..
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