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Lightbulb Audax et Vigilans

Coat of arms..
Constituted 27 February 1924 as the 11th Artillery (CAC) and organized 1 July 1924 at Fort H.G. Wright on 1 September 1935 batteries G, H, I, K, deactivated and personnel transferred to HHB 1st Battalion, and A, B, C batteries..The fleur-delis was taken from the coat of arms of the old Province of Ile de France where the Regiment first went into action..The motto is applicable to a Coast Artillery Regiment and is quite symbolic of the fish hawk, which is a very daring and vigilant bird...'m just gettin' warmed up..Their spirit is darth, if they ever had one.. It's gone..You're building a rat ship here..A vessel for seagoing snitches, and if you think you're preparing these minnows for manhood, you better think again, because I say you are killing the very spirit this institution proclaims it instills..What a sham..Now I have come to the crossroads in my life..I always knew what the right path was..What kind of a show you guys are putting on here today?..

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