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Lightbulb Rites of Eleusis

St. Joseph Catholic Church..
Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall have marked their marriage with a service of celebration at the "journalists' church" in London..Friends and family of the media mogul and the former supermodel gathered at St Bride's near Fleet Street a day after their civil ceremony..The church has a long association with newspapers and writers..Around 100 guests attended, including the couple's 10 children from previous relationships..It is Mr Murdoch's fourth marriage and the first for Miss Hall, 59, after her 92 Bali wedding to Sir Mick Jagger was later deemed legally void..Australian-born Mr Murdoch 84, whose News UK company publishes The Times and The Sun newspapers, tweeted he was "the luckiest and happiest man in world"..St Bride's says it offers "a spiritual home to all who work in the media" lying in the heart of an area which was once the home of most UK national newspapers..But Mr Murdoch's decision to dispense with his Fleet Street newsroom in the late 1980s marked a key stage in the abandonment of the area by the media industry..Every now and then a shout went up as a famous face appeared at the church gates.. "Bob!. Bob!. This way" shouted the snappers as Sir Bob Geldof paused silently in front of the church for a few seconds..Sir Michael Caine was immune to their shouts and went straight in.. One less well-known face outstayed the snappers' welcome as she preened for the cameras. "You can go in now" said one of the paparazzi, to general laughter..

It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)..

Saint Brigit of Kildare or Brigid of Ireland (Naomh Bríd; c. 451 – 525) is one of Ireland's patron saints, along with Patrick and Columba.. Irish hagiography makes her an early Irish Christian nun, abbess, and founder of several monasteries of nuns, including that of Kildare in Ireland, which was famous and was revered.. Her feast day is 1 February, which was originally a pagan festival called Imbolc, marking the beginning of spring..The etymology of Imbolc/Imbolg is unclear.. The most common explanation is that is comes from the Old Irish i mbolc (Irish i mbolg), meaning "in the belly", and refers to the pregnancy of ewes..Another possible origin is the Old Irish imb-fholc, "to wash/cleanse oneself", referring to a ritual cleansing..Some scholars suggest that the saint is merely a Christianization of the goddess..The Mound of the Hostages on the Hill of Tara, the inner chamber is aligned with the rising sun on the dates of Imbolc and Samhain..Families would have a special meal or supper on Imbolc Eve.. Often, some of the food and drink would be set aside for Brigid...

Fleet Street wedding ceremony..

A festival called the Hungry Ghost Festival is held to honor the hungry ancestor ghosts and food and drink is put out to satisfy their needs.. Families also pay tribute to other unknown wandering ghosts so that these homeless souls do not intrude on their lives and bring misfortune.. A big feast is held for the ghosts on the 15th day of the 7th month, where people bring samples of food and place them on the offering table to please the ghosts and ward off bad luck.. Live shows are also put on and everyone is invited to attend.. The first row of seats is always empty as this is where the ghosts are supposed to sit to better enjoy the live entertainment.. The shows are always put on at knight and at high volumes, so that the sound attracts and pleases the ghosts..These acts were better known as "Merry-making".

Wrens were formed in 1917 during the First World War.. On 10 October 1918, nineteen-year-old Josephine Carr from Cork, became the first Wren to die on active service, when her ship, the RMS Leinster was torpedoed..It was disbanded in 1919..WRNS was revived in 1939 at the beginning of the Second World War, with an expanded list of allowable activities, including flying transport planes..Before 1993, all women in the Royal Navy were members of the WRNS except nurses, who joined (and still join) Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service, and medical and dental officers, who were commissioned directly into the Royal Navy, held RN ranks, and wore WRNS uniform with gold RN insignia.. Female sailors are still known by the nicknames "wrens" or Jennies ("Jenny Wrens") in naval slang..

The names of the se7en Rites are The Rite of "Saturn", "Jupiter", "Mars", "Sol", "Venus", "Mercury" and "Luna".. Crowley claimed that the Rites were designed to inspire the audience with 'religious ecstasy', and that merely reading them would help people "cultivate their highest faculties"... had an extraordinary array of skills, of which the most impressive was his lockpicking..Over, the years they had developed access in this way to premises all over Britain...
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