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Lightbulb Inside The Mind

Zweibrücken Coat of Arms..

I could sing you a tune and promise you the moon..

The wartime report was commissioned by the head of the OSS, William J."Wild Bill" Donovan. The research and investigation for it was done in collaboration with 3 other clinicians – Professor Henry A. Murray of the Harvard Psychological Clinic, Dr. Ernst Kris of the New School for Social Research, and Dr. Bertram D. Lewin of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute – as well as research associates..Langer notes in his introduction to the book that 1 of the 3 essentially dropped out of the project because he was too busy with other work, but he gives no names. "He promised, however, to write down his views and conclusions and submit them ... Unfortunately, not a word was ever received from him" although he did apparently confirm to Langer by telephone that he agreed with the diagnosis of Hitler's perversion..Historian Hans W. Gatzke and others have suggested that Langer borrowed extensively from prior work by Murray without properly crediting him, such as his lurid sexual analysis and his prediction of suicide; Langer has disputed some of the claims although the texts show similarities..Langer's report also concluded that Hitler loved pornography and masochistic sex, and in particular that he had "coprophagic tendencies or their milder manifestations" in his heterosexual relationships, and masochistically derived "sexual gratification from the act of having a woman urinate or defecate on him."..Now from your wide Raw cnut, the abyss, Spend spouting the tide Of your sizzling piss In my mouth; oh my Whore Let it pour, let it pour!..Call me your sewer Of spilth and snot..Your fart-sniffer, chewer Of the shit in your slot..Call me that as you rave In the rape of your slave..

The Military Channel-The Mind of Rudolf..

The report briefly mentions some claims that a Rothschild fathered Alois Hitler – Adolf's father, who was illegitimate – when Hitler's paternal grandmother, Maria Schicklgruber, supposedly worked as a house servant in Vienna, but concludes "it is not absolutely necessary to assume that he had Jewish blood in his veins in order to make a comprehensive picture of his character with its manifoid traits and sentiments..The Langer report was ostensibly an objective analysis of the mind of Adolf Hitler and related aspects of his life and society, based on written material, interviews, psychoanalytic theory and clinical experience..Corresponding to the considerable interest that Hitler still provokes in the general audience, Hitler-psychopathographies are strongly geared towards the media.. In psychiatry however, pathography has a bad reputation, especially diagnostics that have been carried out ex post without the direct examination of the patient..

Langer was born on February 5, 1899 in South Boston to Charles Rudolph and Johanna Rockenbach, recent immigrants from Germany.. His mother was born to a Lutheran household in Zweibrücken, Germany, and his father was a member of the Moravian Brethren from Silesia, Germany.. His older brother William became the history department chair at Harvard University, and took a leave of absence during World War II to serve as head of the Research and Analysis section of the Office of Strategic Services..Walter Langer, who for a time was also a professor at Harvard, held a Ph.D but not an M.D. and was the first person admitted to the American Psychiatric Association who lacked a medical degree..Zweibrücken appears in Latin texts as Geminus Pons and Bipontum, in French texts as Deux-Ponts.. The name derives from Middle High German Zweinbrücken (literally twin-bridge, double-bridge)..In modern German the name means 2-bridges..Twin towns Boulogne-sur-Mer, France since 1959-Yorktown, Virginia, US since 1978..The last prominent social event before the First World War was the inauguration of the Rosengarten (rose garden) by Princess Hildegard of Bavaria in June 1914..On the outskirts of the town, Zweibrücken Air Base was for many years home to U.S. airmen and their families..Otto Carius Panzer Ace..(27 May 1922 – 24 Jan 2015) The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross..The 26th Tactical Reconnaissance wing was first established during World War II as the 5th Photographic Group a II photographic reconnaissance organization with Twelfth and 15th Air Forces in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations..The 2 units were consolidated in 65 as the 26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing and served for the next 26 years with United States Air Forces Europe.."If you don't do whatcha supposed to, I'm gonna lock your kid inside the foookin' refrigerator"..., you don't even fit in that dress..I only ask that people remember me by 2 simple words..Any two, As long as they're simple..You mean you imagained him?..The great film actor..And don't forget, tomorrow we're showing the head with 2 things..That's What's wong with the present day horrorfilms..There's no realism..I mean the thing with two heads...

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