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Brodie Castle, showing the 16th-century tower..

śruti (musical pitch), swara (single note), rāga (mode/melodic formulæ) & tala (rhythmic cycles)..
Z Plan is a form of castle design common in England and Scotland..The Z-plan castle has a strong central rectangular tower with smaller towers attached at diagonally opposite corners was built in 1567 by Clan Brodie but destroyed by fire in 1645 by Lewis Gordon of Clan Gordon, the 3rd Marquess of Huntly.. It was greatly expanded in 1824 by the architect William Burn who turned it into a large mansion house in the Scots Baronial style..Architecturally, the castle has a very well preserved central keep with two 5-storey towers on opposing corners.. The castle may be hired for weddings and indoor or outdoor events. An ancient Pictish monument known as Rodney's Stone can be seen in the castle grounds..It is classed as a Class II Pictish stone, meaning that it has a cross on one face, and symbols on the other.. On the symbols face, at the top, are two fish monsters; below is a "Pictish Beast", and below that a double disc and z-rod..On the cross face there is a cross and some animals..The stone is most notable, however, for its inscription, which is found on both of the sides and on the cross face.. It is the longest of all Pictish inscriptions, and like most Pictish inscriptions, is written in the Ogham alphabet..The "blasted heath" where Macbeth is said to have met the three witches, is located on the lands of Brodie..I'm not sure about God, but I am now quite sure about witches...

District Moravia holding a bunch of arrows..

The origins of the Brodie clan are mysterious..The Scottish Gaelic word clann means children.. Much of the early Brodie records were destroyed when Clan Gordon pillaged and burnt Brodie Castle in 1645.. It is known that the Brodies were always about since records began. From this it has been presumed that the Brodies are ancient, probably of Pict ancestry, referred to locally as the ancient Moravienses.. The historian Dr. Ian Grimble suggested the Brodies were an important Pictish family and advanced the possibility of a link between the Brodies and the male line of the Pictish Kings..Michael Brodie of Brodie received a charter from Robert the Bruce confirming his lands of Brodie..The charter states that Brodie held his thanage of Brodie by the right of succession from his paternal ancestors..The Brodie chiefs may have been descended from the royal Pictish family of Brude and there is so much evidence of Pictish settlement around Brodie that it has to be considered one reasonable explanation..The first known Brodie chiefs were the Thanes of Brodie and Dyke in Morayshire.. The Brodies were present in several clan conflicts, and during the civil war were ardent covenanters.. They resisted involvement in the Jacobite uprisings, and the chief's family later prospered under the British Empire in colonial India..Alexander “the good” Lord Brodie of Brodie, the 15th chief, was a covenanter during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms...These wars followed other related conflicts: the Bishops Wars (between Scotland and England) and the Irish Rebellion of 1641..James Brodie of Brodie's younger brother, Alexander, left for India to seek his fortune.. He returned from Madras a very rich man and purchased the estates of Thunderton House in Elgin, Arnhall in Kincardineshire, and The Burn..James Brodie of Brodie's son, James Brodie, younger of Brodie, went to India and worked for the East India Company.. He built a mansion in Madras, on the banks of the river Adyar, and named it Brodie Castle (Madras).. This property still stands and has become the College of Carnatic Music..Vinca ( Latin: vincire "to bind, fetter") is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae..Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life... know everything about it, Meredith.. We all do..Only some of us don't keep talking about it, right?. Hey, Meredith, does your mother know you're out?.. I'm gonna ask Cowley for a rise..That's one way of getting yourself killed..You know what you'll get, Don't you?.. If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone..Work mad, our Führer..Yeah, check Everything, Mate..A teacher or a leader?.The dangerous Miss Brodie and her troops...

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