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Bonnie Dundee ..
Predecessor Byrhthelm Died 15 May 973/Dunstan (909 – 19 May 988) was an Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey, a Bishop of Worcester, a Bishop of London, and an Archbishop of Canterbury, later canonised as a saint..His work restored monastic life in England and reformed the English Church..Term ended 13 February 990..His 11th-century biographer, Osbern, himself an artist and scribe, states that Dunstan was skilled in "making a picture and forming letters", as were other clergy of his age who reached senior rank..Dunstan served as an important minister of state to several English kings.. He was the most popular saint in England for nearly 2 centuries, having gained fame for the many stories of his greatness, not least among which were those concerning his famed cunning in defeating the devil..Successor Æthelgar (died 990) was a monk at Glastonbury Abbey before he was the discipulus of Aethelwold the Bishop of Winchester..While archbishop, Æthelgar received 2 letters from monasteries in Flanders, seeking support and prayers from Æthelgar.. One was from the Falrad, the abbot of Saint Vaast Abbey, which requested that relations between the abbey and Canterbury remain good..The second letter was from Odbert, the abbot of Saint Bertin Abbey, and congratulates Æthelgar on becoming archbishop and solicits financial aid for his monastery..The gold is stolen by Dunstan ("Dunsey") Cass, a dissolute younger son of Squire Cass, the town's leading landowner..Dunsey's elder brother is married to, but estranged from, Molly Farren, an opium-addicted woman of low berth living in another town..Dunstan constantly blackmails his older brother. He has a rotten heart, and steals Silas' gold after accidentally killing his older brother's horse..Mr. Macey: the clerk at the local church..Lake Dunstan is a man-made lake and reservoir in the South Island of New Zealand..Blind Veterans UK is a registered charity in England and Scotland and operates throughout the UK..The hostel's first location was in Bayswater Hill, London.. Shortly after, the organisation moved to St. Dunstan’s Lodge in Regent's Park, along with its first 16 members..

Massacre of Muslims in the village of Ahmici 23.4.93..

Billy Baxter, born 1963/1964 (age 51–52), served with the 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery in Bosnia.. Whilst serving in 1997, he lost his sight after contracting a rare disease which destroyed both of his optic nerves..Optic neuropathy refers to damage to the optic nerve due to any cause.. In patients with an orbital fracture, nose blowing can force air into the orbit and possibly compromise the integrity of the optic nerve can be damaged when exposed to direct or indirect injury.. Direct optic nerve injuries are caused by trauma to the head or orbit that crosses normal tissue planes and disrupts the anatomy and function of the optic nerve; e.g., a bullet or forceps that physically injures the optic nerve.. Indirect injuries, like blunt trauma to the forehead during a motor vehicle accident, transmit force to the optic nerve without transgressing tissue planes..The most recognized cause of a toxic optic neuropathy is methanol intoxication..This can be a life-threatening event that normally accidentally occurs when the victim mistook, or substituted, methanol for ethyl alcohol..Ethylene glycol, a component of automobile antifreeze, is a poison that is toxic to the whole body including the optic nerve..Optic neuritis means inflammation of your optic nerve..Disc swelling, chalky white disc colour, flame hemorrhages, and cotton-wool spots are more common than in optic neuritis..The optic nerve also known as cranial nerve II, is a paired nerve that transmits visual information from the retina to the brain..Rarely, true optic neuritis will appear days to weeks after a bee or wasp sting..

Good Soldiers, Better Friends..

Although some of the Batteries had existed for 145 years, 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery were formed at Bulford Camp on 1 May 1938 Activated 11 May /1939 – 1st RHA were part of 51st (Highland) Infantry Division, and fought at Saint Valery-The Regiment was captured after severe fighting, but some Batteries managed to escape after the Battle of Dunkirk-The Regiment arrived with the Middle East Command in October 40-1st RHA then joined 10 Armd Division in Aleppo and spent the next year training all over Syria, Palestine and the Suez Canal Zone, and were in action south of Rome on 15 May 44 and thereafter played a full part in the remainder of the Italian Campaign and finished the war in Italy\45 – 1st RHA were stationed in Palestine after the Second World War, during the period of terrorist activity that led to the creation of the State of Israel/1950 – 1st RHA returned to England as part of 6th Armoured Division at Salisbury Plain/52 – 1st RHA moved to Münster in West Germany\58 – Moved to Hildesheim, where they were equipped with the M44 Self Propelled 155 mm Howitzer/65 – 1st RHA deployed to Aden with 3 batteries (each split into 3 independent 2 gun sections)-All 3 batteries rotated, during 21 months in Aden, 1st RHA fired over 23,000 rounds in over 200 operations, supporting se7en British and 6 Arab battalions, and suffered nearly 50 casualties\74 – In February 1 RHA arrived in Belfast City Centre to take over from 19 Field Regt RA..B Battery lost Gunner Farrington during an IRA attack/96 – 1st RHA deployed with IFOR to Bosnia/98 –deployed with SFOR to Bosnia\99 – 1st RHA (BBty tac group) deployed with the NATO led force in Kosovo/2000 - E Battery Royal Horse Artillery deployed to Kosovo (Podujevo) and Bosnia (Sanski Most) with 19 Regt RA as part of the first British Pan-Balkan Artillery Regiment – The Chestnut Troop deployed to Sanski Most, Bosnia; whilst L/N Battery and elements of O/Hq Bty deployed to Kosovo/2002 – 1st RHA sent B Battery to Šipovo in Bosnia as the UK Artillery Battery; whist A Battery deployed with the QRL to Kosovo..

David Blunkett was born on 6 June 1947 at Jessop Hospital, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, with improperly developed optic nerves due to a rare genetic disorder..He grew up in an underprivileged family and in 1959, he endured a family tragedy when his father was gravely injured in an industrial Incident in which he fell into a vat of boiling water while at work as a foreman for the East Midlands Gas Board, dying a month later. This left the surviving family in poverty, especially since the board refused to pay compensation for 2 years because his father worked past the retirement age, dying at age 67..Blunkett was educated at schools for the blind in Sheffield and Shrewsbury..He was never sent for assessment at the School for the Blind in Worcester, and instead attended the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford..

Glastonbury abbey was founded in the 7th century and enlarged in the 10th..The abbey controlled large tracts of surrounding land and was instrumental in major drainage projects on the Somerset Levels.. The abbey was suppressed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries under King Henry VIII of England.. The last abbot, Richard Whiting (Whyting), was hanged, drawn and quartered as a traitor on Glastonbury Tor 15 November 1539..From at least the 12th century the Glastonbury area has been associated with the legend of King Arthur, a connection promoted by medieval monks who asserted that Glastonbury was Avalon.. Christian legends have claimed that the abbey was founded by Joseph of Arimathea in the 1st century..The abbey required fish on Fridays, fast days and during Lent..In 1184, a great fire at Glastonbury destroyed the monastic buildings..The trees in the Glastonbury area have been propagated by grafting since ancient times..The tree is also widely called the holy thorn, though this term strictly speaking refers to the original (legendary) tree is sent to the British Monarch every Christmas... do not propose to recount my life in any detail, what is what..It will be a sad day for England when her armies are officered by men who know too well what they are doing - it smacks of murder..They won't fight unless they're flogged to it..I will teach you how to kill..Quickly..Accurately..Efficiently..That would be hun-Christian..Which is why he can't be seen...

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