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Arrow Demon Star

Godzilla 2014 H.E.L.L.O-..
Algol (Beta Per, β Persei, β Per), known colloquially as the Demon Star, is a bright star in the constellation Perseus..An Ancient Egyptian Calendar of Lucky and Unlucky Days composed some 3200 years ago is claimed to be the oldest historical document of the discovery of Algol..The association of Algol with a demon-like creature (Gorgon in the Greek tradition, ghoul in the Arabic tradition) suggests that its variability was known long before the 17th century, but except for the Ancient Egyptian discovery..A further 5 faint stars are also listed as companions..This system also exhibits variable activities in the forms of x-ray and radio wave flares..The name Algol derives from Arabic رأس الغول ra's al-ghūl : head (ra's) of the ogre (al-ghūl).. The English name "Demon Star" is a direct translation of this..In Hebrew folklore, Algol was called Rōsh ha Sāṭān or "Satan's Head", as stated by Edmund Chilmead, who called it "Divels head" or Rosch hassatan.. A Latin name for Algol from the 16th century was Caput Larvae or "the Spectre's Head"..

Interpolation of the orbit of Aa2 around Aa1 with focus on Aa1..

Hipparchus and Pliny made this a separate, though connected, constellation..In Chinese, 大陵 (Dà Líng), meaning Mausoleum, refers to an asterism consisting of β Persei, 9 Persei, τ Persei, ι Persei, κ Persei, ρ Persei, 16 Persei and 12 Persei.. Consequently, β Persei itself is known as 大陵五 (Dà Líng wu, English: The Fifth Star of Mausoleum).. According to R.H. Allen the star bore the grim name of Tseih She 叠尸 (Dié Shī), meaning "Piled up Corpses"...Historically, the star has received a strong association with bloody violence across a wide variety of cultures..Algol is referred to as "the Gorgon of Perseus" and associated with death by decapitation: a theme which mirrors the myth of the hero Perseus’ victory over the snake-haired Medusa..Astrologically, Algol is considered one of the unluckiest stars in the sky, and was listed as one of the 15 Behenian stars..The Behenian fixed stars are a selection of 15 stars considered especially useful for magikal applications in the medieval astrology of Europe and the Arab World..Their true origin remains unknown, though Sir Wallis Budge suspects a possible Sumerian source...

Ghoul is from Arabic غول ghūl, from ghala, "to seize"..etymologically related to Gallu, a Mesopotamian demon..In ancient Arabian folklore, the ghūl (Arabic) dwells in burial grounds and other uninhabited places.. The ghul is a fiendish type of jinni believed to be sired by Iblis..A ghoul is also a desert-dwelling, shapeshifting, demon that can assume the guise of an animal, especially a hyena..It lures unwary people into the desert wastes or abandoned places to slay and devour them. The creature also preys on young children, drinks blood, steals coins, and eats the dead, then taking the form of the person most recently eaten..The Stomach mansion (胃宿, pinyin: Wèi Xiù) is one of the 28 mansions of the Chinese constellations.. It is one of the western mansions of the White Tiger..It represents the west and the autumn season..Mansion Number 17 胃 (Wèi) -Determinative star 35 Arietis -Translation Stomach..European constellation Aries Representing Stomach, fingers and granary..Although Aries came to represent specifically the ram whose fleece became the Golden Fleece of Ancient Greek mythology, it has represented a ram since late Babylonian times..Modern-day Aries was known as MULLÚ.ḪUN.GÁ, "The Agrarian Worker" or "The Hired Man"... does not wait for you to be ready!.Da'at is not considerate, or fair!.You traveled the world..Now you must journey what you really's inside you..there is no turning back..Don't say that Mistress..You're the closest thing I have to a Father.. I think he's a she..and I think she's a Changeling..I live uptown..I live downtown..I live all around.. In that case be extra careful..You're not fooling anybody when you say what happened 15 years ago was a natural disaster...

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