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Arrow Yadavaran Field

سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی
The Al-Fakkah Field, also known as Jebel Al-Fauqi or Jebal Al-Fauqi, is an oil field located in southern Iraq's Maysan Governorate and Khūzestān Province, Iran.. The oil field produced 50,000 barrels per day (7,900 m3/d) prior to the 2003 Iraq War and is part of the Maysan oilfield complex that altogether holds reserve of 2.5 billion barrels (400×106 m3).. The oilfield is considered shared but an area of dispute between Iraq and Iran.. Iraq unsuccessfully put the oil field up for bidding in 2009..Iraq and Iran have been in dispute over the Fakkah oil field and other adjacent fields such as the Abu Ghurab, and Buzugan since 2003..On December 18, 2009, about a dozen Iranian troops crossed 3 hundred yards into Iraq and seized oil well No. 4 in the Fakkah Field, raising the Iranian flag on site.. The incident infuriated Iraq who demanded that Iran withdraw..While the Fakkah oil field is considered shared, Iraq considers well No. 4 as theirs..The Karun 3 and 4, and Karkheh Dam, as well as the petroleum reserves provide Iran with national sources of revenue and energy.. The petrochemical and steel industries, pipe making, the power stations that feed the national electricity grid, the chemical plants, and the large refineries are some of Iran's major industrial facilities..

Iran-Iraq War 1980 to 88 - Part 1 of 3..

Since its origin as an ideologically driven militia, the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution has taken an ever more assertive role in virtually every aspect of Iranian society..The force's main role is in national security.. It is responsible for internal and border security, law enforcement, and also Iran's missile forces..These include the control of smuggling, control of the Strait of Hormuz, and resistance operations..The IRGC was formed on 5 May 1979..The Iran–Iraq War was an armed conflict between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iraqi Republic lasting from September 1980 to August 1988, making it the 20th century's longest conventional war..

An estimated million lives were lost.. An entire generation was scarred on both sides of a bitter divide...100,000+ civilians killed on both sides (not including 50,000-100,000 civilians killed in the Al-Anfal Campaign) was a genocidal campaign against the Kurdish people (and other non-Arab populations) in northern Iraq, led by Ali Hassan al-Majid in the final stages of Iran–Iraq War..dubbed "Chemical Ali" He was also the governor of Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War..And yet lessons learned were also lost in a region now engulfed by devastating fires fuelled by proxy wars among regional and world powers..Syria, Iraq and Yemen are all being torn apart along deepening fault lines: Shia against Sunni, Persian versus Arab, alliances of a "new Cold War" forged by Moscow and Washington..I think it might be helpful if I gave you some background on the different personalities Reagan has manifested..Jesus Christ, 88 doctors and all you can tell me with all of your bullshit is... haven't kept a calender for years.. Each day is more gray than the one before.. It is cold and growing colder as the world slowly dyes..Sir, I am president of the Electronics Club, the Math Club, and the Chess Club.. Now if there's a bigger nerd in here, please..point him out..If there is a God up there, he would have turned his back on us by now...
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