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B-side "Island in the Snow"..

Merci pour le chocolat..
January February" is a song by Scottish singer Barbara Dickson released on 25 January, 1980 by Epic Records.. It reached #11 in April 1980, spending 10 weeks in the charts and became one of Dickson's biggest hits..In the Palatine Hill, another of the se7en hills of Rome, was a cave dug in the rock, and in it stood an image of the god Lupercus covered with a goat's skin.. Lupercus was the God of Fertility or springing into life, and on the 15th of February a great festival was held in his honour.. Sacrifices of goats and dogs were made; then the priests cut up the skins of the goats, twisted the pieces into thongs dee, and ran through the city striking all who came in their way.. As in the very earliest times it was the shepherds who held this festival, it is thought that this running about with thongs dee meant the purifying of the land..The idea of the whole festival seems to have been one of purifying, of a new life, so the name chosen for the month in which it was held was one formed from a word meaning "to make Stringfellow"..Bootlace decides to try his hand at detective work..He is sometimes called "Shoestring"..I don't shine shoes anymore..

Très riches heures du Duc de Berry..

There are some who think that Lupercus was the same as Pan, the God of the Shepherds.. Pan was said to have been a son of Mercury, but he was not like the other gods; his body was covered with goat's hair, and his feet and ears were also like those of a goat..He was very fond of music and dancing, and spent most of his time in the forests playing with the wood nymphs-beautiful girls who lived among the trees.. One day he saw a wood nymph, named Syrinx, with whom he fell in love, but she was frightened and ran away from him, and when Pan pursued her she prayed to the gods for help.. She was at once changed into a clump of reeds, and Pan, in his disappointment, broke off se7en pieces of the reed, bound them together, and so made an instrument of music, which was called the Syrinx after the beautiful wood nymph..This story of Pan and Syrinx reminds us that the Greeks and the Romans imagined the mountains, the valleys, the woods, and the rivers to be peopled with lesser gods and goddesses, whose task of caring for the trees, the flowers, and the grass was appointed them by Jupiter.. The woodland gods were known as Satyrs, and like their leader, Pan, were half man and half goat.. Another famous satyr was Silenus, who was put in charge of Bacchus, one of Jupiter's sons, and the God of Wine.. Silenus taught Bacchus, and accompanied him on his travels on the earth.. The God of Wine rode in a chariot drawn by wild beasts, Silenus following him on an ass, and with them a merry company of nymphs and satyrs crowned with ivy leaves, who danced and sang and made music in praise of Bacchus..Many stories are told of the wood nymphs, as the Goddesses of the Woods were called.. One of the most famous is that of the nymph Echo, who fell deeply in love with the beautiful Narcissus, whom she met hunting in the forest.. Narcissus, however, took but little notice of her, and Echo's love soon turned to hatred and anger.. She prayed to Venus, the Goddess of Love, that Narcissus might be punished for his hard-heartedness, and then sorrowfully hiding herself among the mountains, pined away until only her voice remained, and in lonely places the voice of Echo still answers those who call..Meanwhile Venus sought an opportunity for punishing Narcissus by making him suffer in the same way as Echo had done..Now go home and get your foookin' shinebox..

Barbara - 1980 + Jan/Feb..

We have associated Pan, the God of the Shepherds, with this month, and his name is found in a very familiar word in our language.. He took a great delight in frightening travellers by creeping up behind them in the dark, and the fear with which he filled them was called "Panic"...It is interesting to note that just as the Romans held a ceremony of purification during the month of February, so the Christian Church holds the feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary on the 2nd day of the month..You don't need 3 onions..

The feast is called by Roman Catholics, Candlemas, because it is the custom to have a procession in which candles are carried, and it is on this occasion that the candles to be used in the church during the year are consecrated..The Old English name for February was Sprout-Kale, since the cabbage begins to sprout at this time of the year.. It was later changed to Solmonath-sun moth--because it is the time when the sun rises higher in the sky and begins to drive away the chill of winter with its glowing rays..Its birth flower is the violet (Viola) and the common primrose (Primula vulgaris)..Its birthstone is the amethyst..Its zodiac signs are Aquarius..You know, we always called each other goodfellows..Grecìa Salentina (Italian for Salentinian Greek-speaking land) is an area in the peninsula of Salento in southern Italy, near the town of Lecce which is inhabited by the Griko people, an ethnic Greek minority in southern Italy who speak Griko, a variant of Greek..You're out of line Gekko!..The most valuable commodity I know of is information... nearly hit the roof, you can imagine..You ever worked in an office?.Nice telephone voice..I've worked in an office..You got very nice eyes, DeeDee.. Never noticed them before..They real?..

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