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Carolyn Jeanne Bessette..
Produced by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman for CBS TV, initially called Occupation Unknown before deciding on the name What's My Line?.The original series, which was usually broadcast live, debuted on Thursday, February 2, 1950, at 8:00 p.m. ET. After airing alternate Wednesdays, then alternate Thursdays, finally on October 1, 1950, it had settled into its weekly Sunday 10:30 p.m. ET slot..Starting in July 1959 (and continuing for 8 straight years), when John Daly was due to appear in Moscow, the show would occasionally record episodes onto Quadruplex videotape, for playback at a future date where it would remain until the end of its network run on September 3, 1967..The cast and crew began taking "Summer breaks" from the show..The host (called the moderator at that time) was veteran radio and TV newsman Daly.. Clifton Fadiman, Eamonn Andrews, and Bennett Cerf substituted on the 4 occasions Daly was unavailable..In 71, production of What's My Line? moved from the Broadway studio to Studio 6-A at NBC in Rockefeller Center, and the series remained there for the rest of its run..The 13 minute tape was found within a brown suitcase, recovered from lost property at Manchester Central Railway Station on 15 October 1965, along with photographs of Downey..The most widely studied systems of axiomatic set theory imply that all sets form a cumulative hierarchy..


October 16 –It was Saturday, under the sign of Libra..Element Air..Police find a girl's body on Saddleworth Moor near Oldham in Lancashire..The body is quickly identified as that of Lesley Ann Downey, who disappeared on Boxing Day last year from a fairground in the Ancoats area of Manchester, at the age of 10.. Ian Brady, arrested last week for the murder of a 17-year-old man in nearby Hattersley, is suspected of murdering Lesley, as is his 23-year-old girlfriend Myra Hindley, who on 11 October was also charged with the murder of Edward Evans.. Police suspect that other missing people from the Manchester area, including 12-year-old John Kilbride ( last seen alive nearly 3 years ago) could also be buried there; some reports state that as many as 11 murder victims may have been buried in the area -Berth Kang Kyung-ok, South Korean artist-Steve Lamacq, British radio DJ..Moon Waxing Gibbous-Visible: 77%-Age: 11 days ..Alpha Librae, called Zubenelgenubi, is a binary star divisible in binoculars, 77 light-years from Earth..In mathematicalset theory, a cumulative hierarchy is a family of sets..

I must get this Krak mended..

The Telegraph reported at the time: "For its 16 minutes, the people in the courtroom sat still and silent"..2-inch quadruplex videotape ( 2″ quad, or just quad, for short) was the first practical and commercially successful analog recording videotape format.. It was developed and released for the broadcast TV industry in 1956 by Ampex, an American company based in Redwood City, California..This format revolutionized broadcast TV operations and TV production, since the only recording medium available to the TV industry before then was film used for kinescopes, which was much more costly to utilize and took time to develop at a film laboratory..A typical 4,800 ft (1,463 m) reel of 2 in (51 mm) quad tape holds approximately one hour of recorded material at 15 inches per second..Most quad machines made later in the 1960s..Ampex developed and introduced all-electronic videotape editing, making the physical splicing of videotape practically obsolete, with its breakthrough Editec system in 1963; by recording cue tones on the tape, the editor could make frame-accurate edits..Media type Magnetic Tape..At the end of each of these tracks was a recording of 2 songs, Jolly St Nicholas and The Little Drummer Boy, which a witness recognized as being from a long-playing record by The Ray Conniff Singers, called We Wish You A Merry Christmas Michiko (根谷 美智子 , born October 4, 1965, Fukui Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actress and by the 70s by Ampex could play back both low and high-band 2-inch quad tape..Jo Another tape was found, containing 4 tracks..The union W of the sets of a cumulative hierarchy is often used as a model of set theory... study of history confirms the validity of the Big Hunt theory: it is mankind's safety valve and the Violent instincts of man can now be expressed by a single and set competition...

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