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Lightbulb Gun Plot


Antique pumps..
The Annie Larsen affair was a gun-running plot in the US during World War I.. The plot, involving India's Ghadar Party, the Irish Republican Brotherhood and the German Foreign office, was a part of the larger Hindu–German Conspiracy..By 1914, plans for a pan-Indian revolution had been hatched.. As World War I broke out, Germany decided to support the Ghadar plan.. For this, the links established between Indian and Irish residents in Germany (including Roger Casement) and the German Foreign office used to tap into the Indo-Irish network in the US..The German effort was headed by Max von Oppenheim, archaeologist and the head of the newly formed Intelligence bureau for the east..He was a member of the Oppenheim banking dynasty..A young naval lieutenant named Wilhelm von Brincken was able to establish contact, through Tarak Nath Das and an intermediary named Charles Lattendorf, with Ram Chandra..With the approval of San Francisco German vice-consul E.H. von Schack, arrangements for funds and armaments were secured.. Ram Chandra was to receive a monthly payment of $1,000.. At the same time $200,000 worth of small arms and ammunition was acquired by the German military attaché Captain Franz von Papen through a Krupp agent by the name of Hans Tauscher..For this purpose, an elaborate deception was hatched to convey the idea that the arms were meant for the warring factions in Mexico..J. Clyde Hizar, a Colorado attorney in charge of placing the arms on board the Annie Larsen, posed as a representative for the Carranza Faction.. This ruse was convincing enough to elicit an offer of $15,000 from the rival Villa faction to divert the shipment to a Villa-controlled port..

Pinkerton Masonic I..

Ominously for the plot, the Annie Larsen was not suitable for a trans-Pacific voyage.. Frederick Jebsen, a German naval officer with close connections to the German embassy, arranged for another ship, the SS Maverick (Owner: Standard Oil of NY: 1911) purchased under the illusion that it was to be used by "American-Asiatic Oil Company", a fake oil-trading company, and was to deploy between China and Borneo.. The plan was for the Maverick to leave empty from San Pedro around the same time as the Annie Larsen leaves San Diego fully loaded.. The two would rendezvous off Socorro Island near Mexico..The Larsen would transfer its shipment to the Maverick which would then proceed towards South-East Asia..The Maverick received a crew composed of sailors from two German ships interned at San Francisco..The impression at the docks was that the ship was to relieve congestion in the East Indian Cococnut industry, in Java and Borneo..The Annie Larsen sailed for Topolobampo on 8 March 1915 under Captain Paul Schlueter for rendezvous with the SS Maverick..(On 22 April 1915, she sailed under a Captain Starr-Hunt from San Pedro, California with a crew of 25 + 5 so-called "Persians")..Also placed on board was a person by the name of Walter Page as supercargo.. Page's real identity was L. Othmer, the captain of the German bark Atlas..The Annie Larsen sailed to Acapulco to replenish its supplies..Sailing from Acapulco, the Annie Larsen made for Socorro Island again and after 22 days Scheultzer gave up, choosing to make for the northern port of Hoquiam, Washington..Returning to San Diego after failing to meet the Annie Larsen, the Maverick was directed by Fred Jebsen to proceed to Hilo, Hawaii, where it was redirected to Johnston Island by the German consulate for a second effort to rendezvous with the Annie Larsen...However, it was seized by Dutch authorities.. Starr-Hunt and four of the Ghadarites attempted to flee in a ship, but were captured by the British cruiser HMS Newcastle..In the US, the conspiracy was successfully infiltrated by British intelligence through both the Irish, as well as Indian channels..The Ghadar Party was incidentally established after Irish Republicans, sensing infiltration, encouraged an exclusively Indian society..Following this, a number of approaches were adopted, including instituting a "Native" Indian intelligence officer to infiltrate the movement, as well as the use of the American Pinkerton's detective agency..

The Thing + Mac's Tape Recorder..

An Irish double agent by the name of Charles Lamb is said to have passed on the majoriam of the information that compromised the conspiracy and helped the the prosecution..An Indian operative, codenamed "C" also passed on the details of the conspiracy to British and American intelligence, on learning of the plot from the Czech European network, spoke of it to Tomáš Masaryk, who then passed the information to the The Americans who informed British intelligence..The Hindu–German Conspiracy Trial commenced in the District Court in San Francisco on November 12, 1917 following the uncovering of the Annie Larsen's cargo..By 1916, the majority of the resources of the American department of the British Foreign office were related to the Indian seditionist movement. Before the outbreak of the war, Sir Cecil Spring Rice, the Ambassador to US at the time of the war, is known to have urged the British Foreign office not to make this a diplomatic issue.. Spring Rice's dispatches cite concerns with regards to American trolerance of the Anarchist movements in American soil, the American government's inactions despite concrete knowledge (in Spring Rice's opinion) of the conspiracies, as well as concerns regarding the image of Britain in American public opinion if Britain were seen to persecute oppressed people..However, although the new secretary of state Robert Lansing was initially as uncooperative as Bryan, the first investigations of the conspiracy opened with the raid of the Wall Street office of Wolf von Igel, seizing papers that were later presented as evidence in the Hindu–German Conspiracy trial..The issue was ultimately addressed by William Wiseman, head of British intelligence in the US, who bypassed diplomatic channels to give details of a bomb plot directly to the NY police..

Larsen Ice Shelf, in Antarctica..Larsen & Toubro Limited, also known as L&T, is an Indian multi-national conglomerate head-quartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India..L&T has formed two joint ventures with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries..L&T has over 130 subsidiaries and 15 associate companies..The Rajiv Gandhi National Quality award is presented to organizations in 5 broad categories and is similar to the Deming Prize of Japan..Larsen is a Danish-Norwegian patronymic surname, literally meaning "son of Lars" equivalent of Laurentius is a Latin surname that means "From Laurentum" (a city near Rome), or "Laurelled"..In Sweden, people named Lars are commonly nicknamed Lasse..Larsen syndrome, a rare congenital disorder..Lassi is a popular, traditional, yogurt-based drink from the Indian Subcontinent and originates from the Punjab..The pun, also called paronomasia, is a form of word play that suggests two or more meanings, by exploiting multiple meanings of words, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect..A jab is a type of punch used in the martial arts... don't think or do anything but what the Providers tell you..What else would one do?.Why did you do it?.I presume you mean they vanished in a manner not consistent with the usual workings of the transporter.. Can people live that long as disassembled atoms?..I have never heard of a study being done, but it would be a fascinating project...

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