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Arrow Square sHell

Shell Gibraltar..

David Bowie - Star ..
Tony went to fight in Belfast..Rudi stayed at home to starve..I could make it all worthwhile as a rock & roll star..Bevan tried to change the nation..Sonny wants to turn the world, well he can tell you that he tried...I could make a transformation as a rock & roll star..You got the funky fresh Flavius..

The construction of an air-raid shelter ..

Operation fresh fly was a controversial military operation in which 3 members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) were shot dead by the British Special Air Service (SAS) in Gibraltar on 6 March 1988..The three—Seán Savage, Daniel McCann, and Mairéad Farrell—were believed to be mounting a bombing attack on British military personnel in Gibraltar..SAS soldiers challenged them in the forecourt of a petrol station, then opened fire, killing them..The deaths were the first in a chain of violet events in a 14-day period; they were followed by the Milltown Cemetery attack and the corporals killings in Belfast..On the day of the shootings, Savage was seen parking a white Renault in the car park used as the assembly area for the parade; McCann and Farrell were seen crossing the border shortly afterwards..Almost 2 months after the shootings, the documentary Death on the Rock (44 minutes) was broadcast (without commercials) on British TV..The inquest into the deaths began in September 1988.. It heard from British and Gibraltar authorities that the IRA team had been tracked to Málaga Airport, where they were lost by the Spanish police, and that the three did not re-emerge until Savage was sighted parking his car in Gibraltar..The soldiers each testified that they had opened fire in the belief that the suspected bombers were reaching for weapons or a remote detonator..They got name like, uhh, Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, Running Bear, Black Elk..

Let him know he's been rumbled..The one with the ginger hair...

In architecture a forecourt is an open area in front of a structure's entrance..In archaeology, 4court is the name given to the area in front of certain types of chamber tomb.. They were likely the venue of ritual practices connected with the burial and commemoration of the dead in the past societies that built these types of tombs..Some also had paved floors and some had blocking stones erected in front of them to seal the tomb..Excavation within some forecourts has recovered animal bone, pottery and evidence of burning suggesting that they served as locations for votive offerings or feasting dedicated to the dead..The construction of the West Kennet Long Barrow commenced about 3600 BC before the first stage of Stonehenge..The mound has been damaged by indiscriminate digging, but archaeological excavations found at least 46 burials, ranging from babies to elderly persons.. The bones were disarticulated with some of the skulls and long bones missing..evidence suggests that the 46 people all died within 20 – 30 years of each other, and that the tomb was open for 1,000 years..In a filling station a forecourt is the area where the pumps are present..Although small, Trefin is an historical village.. It is inextricably linked to the Archdruid Crwys, who was born in Craig Cefn Parc, Glamorganshire..The mill was in use for around 500 years and was used by the villagers..In athletics, forecourt refers to the first half of a race..

John Mackintosh Square (The Piazza) is a main square in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.. During the first century of the British period, the square was used for military parades by the garrison and therefore known as the Parade or Grand Parade..The square was also where military punishment in the form of fleur-de-lis took place..In 1571, an aqueduct was built to channel drinking water from the Red Sands in the south district to the city..The "Airey Fountain" became dry very soon and was replaced in 1879 by an ornamental fountain constructed to commemorate the Duke of Connaught — 3rd son of Queen Victoria — stay in Gibraltar.. It was dismantled during World War II..The prince was baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Bird Sumner, on 22 June in the palace's private chapel..It was at an early age that Arthur developed an interest in the army, and in 1866 he followed through on his military ambitions by enrolling at the Royal Military College at Woolwich..After the breakout of World War II a decision was made to enforce a mass evacuation from Gibraltar in order to increase the strength of The Rock as a fortress with increased military and naval personnel..Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino, made history on 12 December 2009 as she was crowned Miss World in Johannesburg, South Africa, becoming the first ever Miss Gibraltar to achieve this.. The celebrations culminated with a fireworks display from Gibraltar Harbour..Nearby villages include Llanrhian, Abercastle, Porthgain, Mathry, Square and Compass, Penparc and Croesgoch... do you think you are?.King of the castle?.What you think this is the wheel of fortune?..Quite frankly your attitude appauls me.. It's not what you're saying..It's all this stuff you're not saying...

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