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Lightbulb Ryhs Jones

Born 27 September..
Orbiter Ocean Beach was an amusement park in Rhyl, North Wales which operated from 1954 until September 2, 2007..The Ocean Wave was first used in the Marshall Bros Circus Nessi Reverchon Industries was a developer, designer and manufacturer of amusement park attractions that were sold all over the world..Its production unit was set in the French village of Samois-sur-Seine, near Fontainebleau Replaced an older set of Dodgems It is sometimes nicknamed "the cages" and known in the UK specifically as "Vinsom" Mad Mouse site of Llandrillo College 1985 "Runaway Train" Psycho Schwarzkopf Satellite 2006 Omnivision A 180 degree cinema Round Up consisting of a circular horizontal platform with a vertical cage-like wall around the edge Ann Jones, who has lived in Easy Rider Ark ride, Relocated to Ocean Beach, South Shields Pepsi-Cola Loop70's "Junior Gallopers" H.P.Jackson Junior set "L'amour Express scat ride that operated for one season in 77 "Ski Jump" Pollard Flying Coaster ride 2007 multi-level A548 road runs through the town, connecting it to the A55 Holyhead to Chester road at Abergele Ghost Train ..

Aerial photo Rhyl seafront..

2007 September 1-The Gaming Act 1845 was repealed - Darth Tom├ís Medina Caracas, Colombian rebel leader (b. 65)-Roy McKenzie, New Zealand philanthropist (b. 22)-The Eurovision Dance Contest is held in London/2 The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit hosts its 19th annual city meeting in Sydney\3- Darth Jane Tomlinson, British charity fund raiser (b. 64)-Syd Jackson, Māori activist and trade unionist (b. 39)/6 – Operation Orchard: Israeli airplanes strike a suspected nuclear site in Syria which occurred just after midnight Shaldag was founded in 74, in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War-Darth Madeleine L'Engle, American author (b.18)-Luciano Pavarotti, Italian tenor (b. 35) – Murder victim Rhys Jones was buried following a funeral service at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral the pathologist revealed that the bullet had entered his back above his left shoulder blade and then exited from the front right side of his neck.. The shooting occurred in daylight at 7.30 pm BST-One fact concerning the shocking shooting of Christian Hickey has so far gone unmentioned\10 - Darth Anita Roddick, English entrepreneur (b. 42)-Jane Wyman, American actress, first wife of Ronald Reagan (b. 17)– TV entertainer Michael Barrymore was told that he will not face charges in connection with the darth of Stuart Lubbock found motionless in a swimming pool at his house more than 6 years ago-Show me a Motion/11 – Darth Ian Porterfield, footballer and football manager (born 46)\13 – Darth Whakahuihui Vercoe, New Zealand clergyman (b. 28)/14 – The SELENE spacecraft launches. JAXA has called the mission, "the largest lunar mission since the Apollo program"– Northern Rock bank sought and received a liquidity support facility\15- Darth Colin McRae, Scottish world rally champion (b. 68)-Aldemaro Romero, Venezuelan musician (b. 28)-Brett Somers, American actress (b. 24)/16 – One-Two-GO Airlines Flight 269 crashes in Phuket, Thailand, killing 89 passengers and crew beside runway 27-The craft was carrying 123 passengers and 7 crew members was the 4th of 6 flights between Bangkok and Phuket that Arief and Montri were scheduled to fly that day – Darth Robert Jordan, American author (b. 48) Unit 5101 Terminator..Hey, sweetheart, this is your papa..this my voice, my darling..don't forget what I sound like, okay?.. have never been in love until you've seen the stars reflect in the reservoirs..We are the Pretty Petty Thieves and you're standing on our streets where Hector was the first of the gang with a gun in his hand and the first to do time the first of the gang To die, oh my..So this isn't about guarding tourists on El Al jets?..

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