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Lightbulb Resurrected

DVD cover art..
Resurrected is a 1989 drama film directed by Paul Greengrass in his directorial debut, written by Martin Allen, and starring David Thewlis.. It is based on the story of the British soldier Philip Williams, who is presumed daat and left behind in the Falklands but is accused of desertion when he reappears se7en weeks after the Falklands War ends..The 39th annual Berlin International Film Festival was held from February 10 to 21, 1989..The first babies born after preimplantation genetic diagnosis were conceived in late 89, starting the era of designer babies..The Golden Bear was awarded to American film Rain Man directed by Barry Levinson.. The retrospective dedicated to film producer Erich Pommer was shown at the festival..

Based on a true story..

February 6 – The government of the People's Republic of Poland holds formal talks\7 Berth Louisa Lytton, English actress - Neil Taylor, Welsh footballer/8 – Berth Danielle Harmer, English actress\9 –Berth Wu Chia-ching, Taiwanese pool player/10 - Ron Brown is elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee, becoming the first African American to lead a major United States political party laying the groundwork for the Acid Rain\11-ITV airs the first episode of Home and Away, an Australian soap which was launched in its homeland last year-Darth Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Sheikh, former ruler of Abu Dhabi (b. 1905) – Elisa Izquierdo, American murder victim (d. 1995)/12– Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane is murdered by the UDA\Berth Rodrigo Posseborn Carly Canadian/14-Union Carbide agrees to pay US$470 million to the Indian government for damages in the 1984 Bhopal disaster-Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Supreme Leader of Iran (d. June 3), issues a fatwa calling for the darth of Indian-born British author Salman Rushdie and his publishers for issuing the novel The Satanic Verses – Darth Vincent Crane, British musician (Atomic Rooster) (b. 1943)/15 - The Soviet Union announces that all of its troops have left Afghanistan-Following a campaign that saw over 1,000 people killed in massive campaign-related violence, the United National Party wins the Sri Lankan parliamentary election\16 – Pan Am Flight 103: Investigators announce that the cause of the crash was a bomb hidden inside a radio-cassette player- Berth Zivanna Letisha Siregar, Indonesian model-Elizabeth Olsen, American actress..

Newton's case is by no means isolated..Though almost all experts say that bullying is less prevalent now than it was a decade ago, it is still widespread..Women soldiers made to parade in T-shirts soaked in water by male superiors..Nipples shocked with Battery clamps..Recruits being forced to undergo the 'regimental bath' - dunking in a tub filled with bleach, urine, vomit and sometimes faeces..Mock executions of servicemen..A Recruit Beaten and threatened with being drowned in the sea..Recruits being beaten so badly they need hospitaller treatment... can't let me go, can you?.I gave you a fresh pair of mine to wear.. Where are they?.. Which one of you disrespectful men been tossing his dirty drawers in the kitchen trash can, huh?..These are not boxer shorts..Mine are boxer shorts..From now, I want my kitchen clean, all right? Germ free!..Ya see, when a man bleeds, it's just tissue, but blood from one of you Things won't obey when it's attacked..I think this autism is a bunch of shit!.Because you can't tell me that you're not in there somewhere!..You are an interfering man, Professor..Do not meddle, or you will have to deal with me..Don't you understand, We're on Columbia Parkway..Stanleeeeeeey!..

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