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Arrow Fair Game

The Blue Pensioners..

Ultimate Force Explosion scene..
Series 2 ( EPS 10 - 4) "The List" -Webb/Collin-UK Viewers (5.89 million)-An unofficial black bag heist is offered to Red Troop to steal a list of terrorist targets from a virtually impenetrable vault.. If they are caught, the SAS will disown them.. Red Troop wonder how to do it, and there is one simple answer, to intercept a safe cracker during the midst of a burglary and blackmail him into assisting them to break in one of the most secure vaults in the UK..Released 9 July 2003..

Sexy Beast - Dream Scene ..

Safe-cracking is the process of opening a safe without either the combination or key..Different procedures are required to open different safes so safe-crackers need to be aware of the differences..Some combination padlocks can also be manipulated by pulling and applying leverage on the shackle while turning each dial to determine the combination required to unlock them..While some safes are hard to open, some are susceptible to compromise by drilling or other physical methods..Drilling is an attractive method of safecracking for locksmiths, as it is usually quicker than manipulation, and drilled safes can generally be repaired and returned to service..Scoping a safe is the process of drilling a hole and inserting a borescope into the safe to get an intimate look into a specific part of the security container..Penetrating radiation such as X-ray radiation can be used to reveal the internal angular relationship of the lock's internal mechanism to deduce the combination..The Chubb Manifoil Mk4 combination lock actually has a lead shield surrounding part of the lock to defeat such attempts to read its wheels..Large bank vaults which are often located underground have been compromised by safe-crackers who have tunneled in using digging equipment...

Fort Knoxy..

July-IEMA hosts 4th annual Executive Summit\1 – 500,000 Hong Kong people march to protest HK Basic Law Article 23, which controversially redefines treason/2 – Chelsea F.C. are bought by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich for £150million from current chairman Ken Bates, 21 years after he bought the club for £1 – Lawyers representing Michael Barrymore, who was dropped by LWT in September 2002 confirm he will take legal action against the broadcaster for unpaid salary- Silvio Berlusconi, PM of Italy, insults German MP Martin Schulz by calling him a "kapo" during a session of the EuRopean Parliament\5-SARS is declared to be contained by the World Health Organization-A double suicide bombing at a Moscow rock concert kills the attackers and 15 other people/6 – The 70-meter Eupatoria Planetary Radar sends a METI messageCosmic Call 2 to 5 stars:Hip 4872, HD 245409, 55 Cancri, HD 10307 and 47 Ursae Majoris, that will arrive at these stars in 2036, 2040, 2044, and 2049 respectively-Serena Williams beats Venus Williams-Roger Federer beats M Philippoussis\8 – Sudan Airways Flight 139, with 117 people on board, crashes in Sudan; the only survivor is a 2-year-old child..Crew 11 Passengers 106-The Independent TV Commission rejects complaints from the relatives of a victim of Dr. Harold Shipman that ITV's 2002 film about the serial killer was factually inaccurate/9-The game show Judgement Day and comedy series 40something, will air elsewhere in the schedule\10- A Neoplan bus, owned by Kowloon Motor Bus, collides with a truck, falls off a bridge on Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong, and plunges into the underlying valley, killing 21 people/14 – Plame affair: Washington Post columnist Robert Novak publishes the name of Valerie Plame , blowing her cover as a CIA operative..Valerie Elise Plame was born on August 13, 1963, on Elmendorf Air Force Base, in Anchorage, Alaska, to Diane (née McClintock) and Samuel Plame III.. Plame's paternal grandfather was Jewish, the son of a rabbi who emigrated from Ukraine; the original family surname was "Plamevotski"..She married Wilson in 1998 and gave birth to their twins in 2000, and resumed travel overseas in 2001, 2002, and 2003 as part of her cover job.. She met with workers in the nuclear industry, cultivated sources, and managed spies..During this time, part of her work concerned the determination of the use of aluminum tubes purchased by Iraq\15 – Dr David Kelly appears before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee to answer questions over the information he had given to Andrew Gilligan- AOL Time Warner disbands Netscape Communications Corporation.. The Mozilla Foundation is established on the same day/16-IDSA renamed as Entertainment Software Association ESA- 11th ESPY Awards...
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"Well Rooster,I'm shot to pieces"..information overload...
I suppose you could always go back to reading the Cale don ian Daly Paper..
. know, we are sitting here, you and I, like a couple of regular fellas..My life's a disaster zone because I spend all my time chasing guys like you around the block..You travel a lot?..

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