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House of Anjou..
Baldwin IV (1161 – 16 March 1185), called the Leper or the Leprous, reigned as King of Jerusalem from 1174 until his death.. He was the son of Amalric I of Jerusalem and his first wife, Agnes of Courtenay..Baldwin spent his youth in his father's court in Jerusalem, having little contact with his mother, Agnes of Courtenay, Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon, and later Lady of Sidon, whom his father had been forced to divorce.. Baldwin IV was educated by the historian William of Tyre (later Archbishop of Tyre & Chancellor of the kingdom), who made a startling discovery about the prince:he and his friends were playing one day, attempting to injure each other by driving their fingernails into each other's arms, but Baldwin felt no pain.. William immediately recognized this as a sign of serious illness, but it was not conclusively identified as leprosy until a few years later; the onset of puberty,accelerated his disease, in its most serious lepromatous form...

King Baldwin IV. King of Jerusalem...

Baldwin's father died in 1174 and the boy was crowned at the age of 13, on 15 July that year.. In his minority the kingdom was ruled by 2 successive regents, first Miles of Plancy, though unofficially, and then Raymond III of Tripoli, his father's cousin..In 1175, Raymond III, the acting king of Jerusalem, made a treaty with Saladin..As a leper, Baldwin was not expected to reign long or produce an heir, and courtiers and lords positioned themselves for influence over Baldwin's heirs, his sister Sibylla and his half-sister Isabella.. Sibylla was being raised by her great-aunt Ioveta in the convent of Bethany, while Isabella was at the court of her mother, the dowager queen Maria Comnena, in Nablus..Raymond's regency ended on the second anniversary of Baldwin's coronation: the young king was now of age.. He did not ratify Raymond's treaty with Saladin, but instead went raiding towards Damascus and around the Beqaa Valley.. He appointed his maternal uncle, Joscelin III, the titular count of Edessa, seneschal after he was ransomed..In his capacity as regent, Raymond of Tripoli had begun negotiations for the marriage of princess Sibylla to William of Montferrat, a first cousin of Louis VII of France and of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor..It was hoped that he would be able to govern for the king when he became incapacitated, and succeed him with Sibylla..Meanwhile, Baldwin was planning an attack on Saladin's power-base in Egypt..Baldwin tried to ensure that Reynald and William of Montferrat co-operated on the defence of the South.. However, in June, William died at Ascalon after several weeks' illness, leaving the widowed Sibylla pregnant with the future Baldwin V..In August the king's first cousin, Philip of Flanders, came to Jerusalem on crusade..

Ben-Hur (6/10) - The Valley of the Lepers (1959) HD..

In November, Baldwin and Raynald of Ch√Ętillon defeated Saladin with the help of the Knights Templar at the celebrated Battle of Montgisard...In 1179, the king met with some military setbacks in the north..In August, the unfinished castle at Jacob's Ford fell to Saladin after a brief siege, with the slaughter of half its Templar garrison..In the summer of 1180, Baldwin IV married Sibylla to Guy of Lusignan, brother of the constable Amalric of Lusignan..Baldwin also betrothed his 8-year-old half-sister Isabella to Humphrey IV of Toron, repaying a debt of honour to Humphrey's grandfather, who had given his life for him at Banias, and removing Isabella from the control of her mother and the Ibelin faction...Guy had previously allied himself with Raynald, who was by now taking advantage of his position at Kerak to harass the trading caravans travelling between Egypt and Damascus.. After Saladin retaliated for these attacks in the campaign and Battle of Belvoir Castle in 1182, Baldwin, now blind and unable to walk, appointed Guy regent of the kingdom..Nevertheless, in 1183, Baldwin had become offended by Guy's actions as regent.. Guy attended the wedding festivities for Isabella (now about 11) and Humphrey, held in Karak;however, the festivities were interrupted by Saladin, who besieged the fortress with the wedding guests inside..Baldwin marshalled what strength he had and lifted the siege, but Guy refused to fight Saladin and Saladin's troops simply went home.. Baldwin could not tolerate thisand deposed Guy as regent.. In disgrace, Guy retired to Ascalon, taking his wife Princess Sibylla with him...

Although Baldwin seems to have held no ill-will towards his sister, Baldwin appointed his 5-year-old nephew Baldwin of Montferrat as his heir and successor, with the support of Agnes and her husband Reginald of Sidon, Raymond, and many of the other barons, excluding Sibylla from the succession.. Raymond was to act as guardian of the infant heir, and later as regent if Baldwin IV was to expire, but Baldwin IV himself would continue to rule..The child was crowned co-king as Baldwin V on November 20, 1183..In the early months of 1184 Baldwin attempted to have the marriage between Sibylla and Guy annull ed.. This was foiled by their holding fast in Ascalon, Guy refusing to attend the annulment proceedings.. The military expedition to relieve Karak and the dynastic struggle had weakened Baldwin considerably.. He died in Jerusalem in spring 1185, a few months after the death of his mother Agnes in Acre late in 1184... listen to me, all of you..You are all condemned men..I heard Him say, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do..As though he were carrying that cross the pain of the world...

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