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Lightbulb Camilo

26th of July Movement..
Rumors concerning Cienfuegos's disappearance have been rife.. Some have speculated that Cienfuegos was killed on the orders of Fidel Castro; These rumors have been difficult to uphold, however, as Cienfuegos had appeared exceptionally loyal to Castro throughout his involvement, and had vigorously supported the arrest of Matos only days earlier...Che Guevara, who was also close to Cienfuegos (naming his son Camilo), dismissed any rumors of Castro's involvement..Another rumor circulating was that a Cuban air force fighter plane shot Cienfuegos down mistaking his plane for a hostile intruder..A museum to Camilo Cienfuegos was built after his death in Yaguajay, at the site of the barracks defended by Batista's forces during the 1958 battle..The army base is now a hospital..

On every October 28 school children from all over Cuba throw flowers into the sea (or into a river if they live inland) to honour Camilo is also remembered on the 20 Cuban peso bill and the 20 Cuban convertible peso bill..In the 2008 film Che, he was portrayed by Santiago... is everything.. Friendship is more than talent.. It is more than the government.. It is almost the equal of family..The CIA wants change in Cuba as much as you do..We have different agendas..But we have the same goal..And we have the same resources.. Intelligence..What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?...

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