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Lightbulb Budokan Tokyo

Juliana + Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water..
The Nippon Budokan is located in Kitanomaru Park in the center of Tokyo, 2 minutes' walking distance from Kudanshita Subway Station, and near Yasukuni Shrine.. This 42 m (140 ft) high imposing octagonal structure holds 14,471 people (arena seats: 2,946, 1st floor seats: 3,199, 2nd floor seats: 7,846, standee: 480)..The building is modeled after Yumedono (Hall of Dreams) in Hōryū-ji in Nara..Location 2-3 Kitanomarukōen..Often called the "political center" of the country, Chiyoda, literally meaning "field of a thousand generations", inherited the name from the Chiyoda Castle (the other name for Edo Castle, today's Imperial Palace)..With the seat of the Emperor in the Imperial Palace at the ward's center,there are many government institutions & 15 embassies...

Yoshinori Sakai/Olympic cauldron...

Though it still functions as a venue for big musical events, its primary purpose is for Japanese martial arts (indeed, the name literally means "Japan Martial Arts Hall")..Now, the Budokan is mostly used by Pro Wrestling Noah, who often hold major events there..On June 28, 1969 "Champion Carnival" Oriental, in the main event Tadashi Sawamura has his first successful defense of Oriental Light Welterweight title..The Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki hybrid rules fight held at the Budokan in 1976 is seen as a forerunner to mixed martial arts..K-1 has held events at the Nippon Budokan the box office in 1994 and raising an army second time, using K-1 WORLD GP in the opening round in 2004..All Japan Judo Championship was held at the Nippon Budokan in 2002. It will host the judo competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics..Many place names in Tokyo derive from Edo Castle...

The Toranomon...

The Beatles were the first rock group to perform here, in a series of shows in June/July 66; their appearances were met with opposition from those who felt the appearance of a western pop group would defile the martial arts arena..In July 73 Japanese TV recorded the Santana performance at Budokan.. Cheap Trick and Bob Dylan used the arena to record their performances..Eric Clapton described the Tokyo audience as "almost overappreciative" in interviews promoting his own live Just 1 Night (80)..Stormtroopers of Darth released a live album titled Live at Budokan (92), though the title was in jest and was recorded at famed New York City venue The Ritz..The National Memorial Service for War Dead is held with the attendance of the Prime Minister, the Emperor and the Empress annually in Budokan on August 15, the day of Japan's surrender..Diana Ross performed and taped her "Here and Now" TV special in 91 to a sold out audience..A tattoo is a military performance..The term dates from around 1600 during the Thirty Years' War in the Low Countries (Belgium and the Netherlands) phrase doe den tap toe ("turn off the tap")..Drummers from the Garrison were sent out into the towns at 21:30 hrs (9:30PM) each evening to inform the soldiers that it was time to return to barracks..The Dutch fortresses were garrisoned with mercenary troops that were under federal command..Over the years, the process became more of a show and often included the playing of the first post at 21:30 hrs and the last post at 22:00..Karate Budokan International was founded July 17, 66 by Chew Choo Soot in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia..During one of his scheduled visits, the young Chew discovered the officer practicing movements which we now know to be karate ‘Kata’..After the end of the Second World War, Chew went to Japan and Okinawa to further his karate training, as well as several trips to Taiwan to learn kung-fu and oriental weapons from a number of old kung-fu Masters of China... remember, it's full contact..You must not respond to this action until we have investigated all possibilities..There are 3 ways to win..3 Russian nuclear scientists are missing..Radar didn't pick it up, so it wasn't a missile..What peculiar names we all have..It's like saying 'Uncle ' Three..See?.Not a scratch on it..I'm a sculptress...

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